CCMP Capital Advisors’ CEO Stephen Murray Dies

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Longtime chief executive officer of CCMP Capital Advisors, Steve Murray resigned just one month before his passing at age 52 due to growing health concerns. While more details have been hard to come by, the New York based buyout firm did have their spokeswoman, Alexandra LaManna confirm in an email that Murray did indeed die on March 12th.

As a founding partner of CCMP, he witnessed the evolution of the firm as it spun from JPMorgan Chase & Co. back in 2006 to steer the company away from conflicts of interest among the bank’s clientele. With a specialty in middle market leveraged buyouts and growth equity investments, Steve Murray expertise assisted CCMP to raise their funds by $3.6 billion last year alone.

Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s current CEO conveyed in a recently released email just how very saddened that he and the other colleagues are for the loss of their friend and former partner. Looking back in admiration, he said, “Steve was a terrific investor and deal maker.”
Investing from $100 million to $500 million in equity with each transaction, the finance firm focuses mostly on businesses within the consumer, industrial, health care and energy sectors.

Guiding the firm through the storm from Day One, Stephen Murray helped to invest in heavy hitters like Cabela’s Inc., Quiznos Corp. and Warner Chilcott Plc. His wise fiscal decision making earned himself and his company a superb reputation among both competitors and colleagues.  Read more: Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray leaves firm

Having been raised in a New York City suburb in Westchester County, Murray went on to Boston College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and later a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. By 1984, he was hired as a credit trainee with the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. where he was ultimately named vice president of middle market lending.

According to New York Times, Joining a private equity and leveraged finance division of the company in 1989, Stephen Murray became a founder of the predecessor to what is now CCMP.

After being named head of the bank’s buyout business in 2005 prior to the final spinoff, he cemented his place among middle market deal makers with doting private equity clients for years to come. Learn more about Steve Murray:

Though things were bumpy initially due to the struggles with perceptions of favoritism with the in-house firm, the company gained strength as a separate entity. Along with his lasting legacy in the industry, Murray is survived by his wife and four sons.

July 28, 2016

FreedomPop Offers Incredible Freemium Services

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We are living in an increasingly effective age of technology and this has led to many revolutions from within the various tech industries. One place where companies are struggling to get ahead is in the world of mobile phone. While there are a few ‘big’ companies that seem to dominate the headlines, there is one company underneath that is creating separation as the next big thing: FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a ‘freemium’ mobile carrier that is seeking to put control right back into the hands of the customers by creating tailored services to meet their every need. Have you not heard of them? We’ll break down what makes this L.A. based start up so special.

First off, FreedomPop has a core service that offers customers a completely free experience. You can sign up with FreedomPop and get their core plan and never have to spend a dime as part of the network. You’ll be given access to a limited amount of talk, text, and mobile data every month — completely free. If you like the service than FreedomPop urges you to upgrade and if you don’t like the service then you will never have to actually spend a penny. It’s this ‘bet on themselves’ attitude that has made FreedomPop so special.

Outside of their core free service FreedomPop has made some savvy moves to establish themselves as players in the mobile game for a long time in the future. We’ve seen the company work diligently to add wireless hotspots throughout the continental United States in order to launch their ‘WiFi add on’ service. This service costs $5 per month and it gives you access to secured and private WiFi hot spots to the tune of over 10 million locations in the country alone. Compare how much a wireless plan costs for your house and then really look at how much $5 per month can mean to you. Outside of the WiFi plan there is also the ‘premium’ plan which offers you enhanced mobile data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text for only $19.99 per month — a price unmatched by other companies.

While FreedomPop isn’t a ‘regular’ yet among mobile carrier conversations, we have no doubt that the company is trending toward that direction. Combining savvy marketing with excellent services, FreedomPop is positioning themselves to become a player in the tech world for a long time coming. We definitely can see why FreedomPop is so quickly ascending.

Learn more about them from this FreedomPop review

July 25, 2016

Securus Technology To Release Reports On Global Tel-Link Practices

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Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the criminal justice system, has just released a scathing press release that they have announced will be the first in a series of reports and other papers that will feature the malpractice and lapses of trust and integrity conducted by inmate Communications Company Global Tel-Link or GTL. This action by Securus was stated to the press on June 7, 2016, by the CEO of Securus Technology Rick Smith along with his reasons for taking this drastic action against a competitor. Rick declared that serving the corrections industry along with its law enforcement employees, prison inmates and their friends and family was something he cared deeply about and that it offended and outraged him when a carrier like GTL did not seem to care about anything but the money it could make. It also appeared to him that GTL was not just interested in making a profit but was more interested in just how much money they could squeeze out of their captive audience, He then stated for the record that the business mission of Securus Technology was not just about the money but that it was fundamentally about how to best serve their company’s customers best interests.

Because of this, Securus has vowed to review and publish multiple sources of confirmed information that point out the willful wrongdoing, potential wrongdoing, and gross negligence of Global Tel-Link over the years. This information will all be released in a series of press releases over the next six months. The Securus CEO also stated that the purpose of this tactic was to hopefully shame GTL into acting with more integrity in their dealings with their own customers. He then stated that one company’s bad actions can affect everybody in this industry. The first of these complaints to be released will be a formal 17-page order issued by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, regarding Global Tel-Link’s wrongful actions when they provided telecom services to thousands of inmates in that state’s prison system. The official document details multiple instances of wrongdoing some of which could have been considered criminal at the time they were committed.

July 14, 2016

How Does Fabletics Make Its Clothes Interchangeable?

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Fabletics has prided itself on making its clothes interchangeable because that is the only way that women can get through their day easily. Too many women have wasted too much time getting their clothes together every night or every morning, and Kate Hudson started the Fabletics because she was not going to wake up hours early just to get herself ready. She wants to change her clothes in an instant, and she wants to have clothes that she can change in and out of every day. She takes her kids to school in simple gym clothes, and she can pick them up in the same clothes if she is able.

The best part of what Fabletics does is that they got a feature in Marie Claire at The feature made it much easier for women to see that they can get all the clothes they need from Fabletics, and they can interchange the items during the day if they want. A woman that goes to the gym to start her day needs something to put over her clothes when it is time, and she also needs to have clothes that are going to make her look nice.

Fabletics started the athleisure trend that women are seeing on runways around the world, and they deserve to feel like they are very stylish and fashionable. A woman who wants to put on a skirt or top with her gym clothes is going to find out that it is very easy for her to get the results that she needs. She will love what she looks like in the mirror, and she can keep on simple items from Fabletics like tights that make her lower body look amazing. This is the reason why Kate Hudson started Fabletics, and it is the best way for women to have the style that will take them all over town.

July 7, 2016

Martin Lustgarten: Choosing A Reputable Investment Banker

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Are you looking for quality information about investment banking or other financial service? Want to know how to recognize a great investment professional or why so many investors rely on Martin Lustgarten for outstanding results? Perhaps you have read a lot about Martin Lustgarten and his team of investment advisors, and want to find out how they can help you reach your goals.

Investment bankers are highly sought after due to the role they play in the financial services arena. These experts act on behalf of investors and clients to achieve great outcome. As agents or sort of middlemen, investment bankers have multiple roles when it comes to getting things done.

These companies conduct thorough market research prior to the commencement of the investment process. When a client wants to start trading in the stock market, a reliable investment banker takes the time to assess the condition of the market and also evaluates the client’s decision to ensure it’s the right option. Through expert market research and analysis, an experienced investment banker can actually determine whether the investment process should proceed.

There are many investment bankers and financial services advisors promising to help clients reach their investment goals but it is advisable to choose one that has a proven track record of success.

Martin Lustgarten comes highly recommended in the financial services and investment arenas. Martin is well versed in all areas of the investment field and has great expertise in investment banking. His clients come from all walks of life and include big corporations, large companies, entrepreneurs and individual investors. Martin cares a lot about his clients’ success and he takes the time to find out what their expectations are and then develop a customized solution to meet their needs.

As founder of a highly successful firm, Martin Lustgarten Investments, Martin Lustgarten pays great attention to details. He has personally mentored some of his associates and encourage them to ensure complete satisfaction of their clients. Martin Lustgarten receives top reviews from his clients and his peers due to his excellent services in the industry. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to learn more about his investing tips.

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June 29, 2016

The industry leader, Securus Technologies.

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Securus America Technologies announced the release of series of articles, facts, findings and reports that highlight integrity breaches and fraudulent practices of Global Tel Link (GTL) an inmate communication provider. According to PR newswire, the issues will be released over six months to provoke GTL into acting with the highest level of integrity. The chief executive officer of Securus, Richard A. Smith, highlighted that the firm’s drive is to serve the customers in the right way. He commented about the first release which is dated Jan 21, 1998, saying that time cannot erase the unlawful actions done by GTL. He emphasised that the malpractices are tarnishing the industry that is supposed to serve the client’s interests at heart.

Story posted on PR Newswire’s website.

The 18-year-old report, order number U-20784-B, by Louisiana Public Service Commission found GTL to have acted unlawfully when providing telecom services to inmates in Louisiana Department of Correction. PSC included that GTL programmed their clocks by adding 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of each telephone call. It also reports that they programmed phones and thus charged higher rates than the PSC rate caps or GTL’s tariffs. GTL also fraudulently inflated charges by adding charges after rating calls. It is also reported that they were also double billing calls. The above unlawful and unauthorised actions question the integrity of GTL.

Services offered by Securus Technologies.
The firm is a leading provider of technology solutions for corrections, investigation, public safety and monitoring. It serves thousands of law enforcement and correction agencies and inmates The headquarters are in Dallas, and it serves across North America. The firm is committed to serving and connecting people and by so doing, makes the world a better place. Securus Technologies offers civil and criminal justice technology solutions in the following ways -: provide biometric analysis and investigation, information management, emergency response, monitoring products and services, inmate self-service and ancillary solutions, incident management, public information and communication.

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June 24, 2016

Stephen Murray was a great man

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The economy is rapidly recovering and people are looking to the investment industry for leadership. These investment companies need quality leaders that are both intelligent and insightful. One of the great leaders in the history of the financial services industry is Stephen Murray.

Stephen grew up in the Boston area, and he excelled throughout his school years. When the opportunity arose to attend Boston College he jumped at the chance to attend the prestigious program. In 1984, Stephen graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics.

He spent a few years in the private sector before he went back to school. He attended Columbia Business School and received an MBA in 1989. These programs both gave him the knowledge he needed to be a successful business person. Read more: Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray Leaves Firm and CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray

Stephen started his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He started out as a credit analyst for the company in 1984. After he received his MBA he began working for MH Equity Corporation, a combination of Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity division and their leveraged finance division.

The company was very successful, and in the early nineties, the company was purchased by Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank was purchased by Chase in the mid-nineties, and eventually Chase merged with JP Morgan. Stephen excelled within each company, and in 2005 he was made the head of the buyout business for JP Morgan Partners.

Stephen Murray was extremely proud of this accomplishment, and he was widely recognized as one of the leading names in the business world.

In the mid-2000s, JP Morgan was extremely large in size and they decided it was time to spin off parts of the company. The buyout division became CCMP Capital. Murray was a co-founder of CCMP, and in 2007 he was named CEO of the company.

CCMP was an extremely successful company private equity investment company. In 2007, the were ranked 17th among the world’s largest equity funds. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

From that point, they only continued to grow. Murray lead the company for several years but unfortunately, Stephen died in 2015. CCMP remembers Stephen as an extremely bright mind that guided the company to success in their early years.

While Stephen is remembered as a brilliant business leader, the world also remembers him for giving generously to causes he believed in. Stephen regularly gave money to the Make-A-Wish foundation and to Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray left a tremendous impact on the business world, and on everyone else he came in contact with.

June 14, 2016

Wen By Chaz Helped This Mother of 3

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As the mother of three beautiful little girls all of which have different textures of hair it has become challenging to find a product that actually works for everyone and makes everyone happy. I have struggled for years trying to find something that will make my daughter with curly hair less curly and find a product that will make my wavy haired daughter not as tangled and as a mom it’s really hard. Not to mention while I struggle with having to do their hair each morning I also have to find time to manage my own hair and quite frankly I feel as if I am all out of options.
Not long ago while staying up late at night I saw a commercial on QVC for WEN Hair By Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean has long been a favorite in the beauty community for his work with several celebrities but I never had the pleasure to use his products. This sephora endorsed product in particular was a 3 in one 1 product that was created to work with all kinds of hair and so based on the commercial alone it really sounded like this product could be very beneficial to not only me but on my daughter’s hair as well.

I’m like most people and I hate to try new products on my hair without a ton of research because one wrong step could have you experiencing a lifetime of damaging hair. I didn’t want to take that chance so I ramped up my search efforts. During my search I read several negative articles about the Wen hair product but really didn’t feel as if they could all be totally true. Then something amazing happened, I found an article from Emily Mcclure at Bustle who actually not only wrote about her experience but shared pictures. After seeing how well it worked for her there was no way I couldn’t try it, at least once.

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June 10, 2016

A Bright Future for Madison Street Capital

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Madison Street Capital, LLC just released the 4th edition of its hedge fund industry M&A overview for 2015. The fourth quarter was the largest reported out of the entire year. It has been reported that 42 deals were closed in 2015 when only 32 were closed in the previous year. 2015 also saw about a 27% increase in transaction volume. So far, 2016 looks to be a record breaking year, as well.

The hedge fund industry, in previous years, has been highly fragmented. Now, everything is starting to come back together, even though managers are facing higher operational costs and downward facing pressure on fees. Madison Street Capital has recently seen both buyers and sellers being accommodated through a variety of deal mechanisms that are now being used. If this continues to happen, it sees no reason why it would not be easy for the industry to start to heal itself and fulfill the recorded breaking predictions for the current year.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is an international banking firm. It is known for its integrity, excellence and leadership in regards to its financial advisory services that are shared with both public and privately held businesses. The business has helped hundreds of other business reach their goals in a timely matter. This makes it more sought out for by other businesses looking for financial solutions. It has experience with helping businesses in many different sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, technology and construction, just to name a few.

Madison Street Company, which was founded in 2005, has its main office in Chicago Illinois, but it has offices in over a dozen other states, as well as in countries in Africa and Asia. The current CEO is Charles Botchway and the COO is Anthony Marshall. Together, they have created a board of advisors who help clients build a financial and capitalization structure that is unique to each of their situations.

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June 2, 2016

Two Million Instagram Followers; Lime Crime Spreads a Message

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There was once a time where royalty was solely based on bloodlines and being the rightful heir to the throne. Today, royalty is obtained with how many followers that you have on social media. Currently reveling in fame and glory is the untraditional makeup company, Lime Crime. Boasting of their two million Instagram followers, the company undoubtedly deserves the spotlight that they are finally getting.

Founded by Doe Deere, or the Queen of Unicorns as she is commonly known, Lime Crime essentially shaped the makeup industry into a more tolerant, out there in a good way type of field. Known as Unicorns, their fans take to social media as a means to rejoice that they finally have a company that suits their needs, and to share makeup ideas with fellow Unicorns. As they gallop to social media stardom, Lime Crime continues to grow in popularity, and their important message is easily spread across the globe.

Stressing the importance of being yourself, Lime Crime has impressive, vibrant color patterns that allow people to use makeup as a form of art. Stating that you really can wear green lipstick outlined in orange and look amazing, the company truly transforms faces into blank canvases, and splatters color all over them in a way that radiates positivity, acceptance, and expression.

In sum, celebrating two million followers on Instagram further validates the immense popularity of Lime Crime as a company. As users continue to connect across the globe, a message is spread that it is okay to be yourself, and perhaps boast of being yourself on social media.

June 1, 2016