Contributions Of Ken Goodrich Towards The Success Of Goettl Air Conditioning Company

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Ken Goodrich is an American-born investor who continues creating jobs in the business sector. Sir Goodrich has an expertise of more than 12 years in air conditioning. He currently works as the chief executive officer of Goettl Air Conditioning firm, where he has been working for four years. Recently, Goettl Company purchased Moore Air Conditioning business and acquired its legal rights.

Goodrich is also a humanitarian and a qualified technician. He currently funds an employment program in honor of his father. Sir Ken Goodrich acquired skills to deal with HVAC machines as he used to attend night service shifts with his father, a scenario that led him to gain lots of skills. Goettl Air Conditioning Company provides top-notch services to their esteemed clients throughout Las Vegas and Phoenix. Also, the company also offers repair and maintenance services of AC equipment at an affordable price.

Arch News publishers recently made a release on the achievements attained by Goodrich Keen in Goettl Incorporation. Since the day he became the head of Goettl Air Conditioning Company, Mr. Goodrich has made significant adjustments in the leadership of this company. As the CEO of the enterprise, Goodrich was concerned on the quality level of services offered by his business. In 2014, entrepreneur Goodrich hit the limelight of his career after recording revenue of $20 million dollars.

Watch this YouTube Video to learn more about what Goettl does.

In his entire career, Goodrich has been dreaming of rendering quality services and taking the HVAC services all over the world. In his career, Ken has also worked with other heat, cooling and air conditioning services in the United States. As the head of Goettl Company, he has been widely involved in marketing and pricing of institutional products. Ken Goodrich also supervises all special operations undertaken by Goettl Company.

Before signing a commercial agreement with Goettl Air Conditioning Company, the firm was facing stiff competition in the capital market. His expertise and skills led to the introduction of new market strategies and institutional products that fared well in the market. According to Ken Goodrich, teamwork among the company is what leads to the realization of success. According to Arch News release, Mr. Goodrich also emphasized on the need of observing the professional code of ethics while dealing with the customers.

Recently, Goettl Company is ranked as one of the most-selling companies in the HVAC industry. Open this Achr News article to learn more about the contributions of Ken Goodrich in Goettl Company.

May 24, 2016

Why Work At White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in North America that offers excellent and impeccable customer services and marketing campaigns that are quite cost effective. It was founded in the year 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who were out to provide offline and online marketing solutions.

These entrepreneurs were knowledgeable on matters to do with marketing. The company was designed to offer online marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses. The founders of White Shark Media are dedicated to offer the very best to its clients through their extensive experience and knowledge.

The company works with Google and has an online platform known as Disqus. The platform is used to promote business relationship between White Shark Media and its clients and also potential clients.

The company is also praised for handling customer’s complaints through its SEM strategist who are always reviewing performance. Through this it has been able to have a good client retention rate. This rate stands at 8-10 % currently. According to customers’ reviews and comments, White Shark id definitely making a name for itself in the digital marketing world. It offers the very best Ad Campaigns and this has made them get very positive publicity.

Working at White Shark Media is quite an exhilarating experience bearing in mind it’s the very best digital marketing agency. People have described it as the best place to work for and its quite people oriented.

According to a customer service representative, working in White Shark Media is great. The company pays attention to its clients hence cultivating a business culture that values clients. The remuneration package for White Shark Media is perfect and staff are given lunch hour breaks that take two hours. Once one is done with their work, they are allowed to leave an hour early.

The strong leadership at management level has been impacted to entry level positions hence growth opportunities. People work well with each other and this helps build the company’s image and give a representation of teamwork that is vital in any organization.

White Shark Media has been described as among the best employers with staff given the opportunity to interact with top management to grow and develop their skills. Some of the adjectives used to describe the working experience at White Shark Media are: amazing, great and people oriented. These reviews demonstrate White Shark Media’s cutting edge solutions and top notch management skills.

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May 23, 2016

The Beauty of Madison Street Capital

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Madison Street Capital is a universal money firm. This company is devoted to the most noteworthy guidelines of honesty and demonstrable skill. This banking Firm gives corporate monetary consultative administrations, mergers and acquisitions ability. The Firm also offers valuation departments, and budgetary sentiments to freely and secretly held organizations through the company’s workplaces; in North America, Asia, and Africa.


The firm’s experts draw on particular aptitude in joining forces with center business sector enterprises in all industry verticals and corner markets. The skilled do that so as to accomplish an ideal result through an assortment of exchanges. Capital’s experts dissect every customer needs to decide the best match amongst purchasers and dealers. The company also organize financially savvy financing and create capitalization structures that expand every customers’ potential.


One of the dynamic columns that hold Madison together is the present CEO and author, Anthony Marsala. Anthony has picked up the appreciation of his associates in the business for his vital vision and arranging. Indeed, he has been named as one of the distinct advantages in the speculative stock investments organization. Madison has not been in operation for a long time; however it has now surpassed the benefit levels of more experienced firms.


Another element that adds to the development of Madison is their state of responsibility and straightforwardness. At Madison, every customer gets tailor-made venture counseling administration. Those that trust Madison with their cash comprehends the undertakings it’s going in. In conclusion, Madison keeps away from misfortunes by enhancing its interests in as many industries as possible. Along these lines, it pads its earnings while defending their customer’s cash.


Today, Madison has possessed the capacity to grow all through the US, Canada and blasting markets over the world. It’s moved by circumstances in the land, vitality, social insurance, information transfers and assembling commercial ventures. Fortunately for them, the small and middle sized markets are yet to be attacked by speculation firms; in this manner, they can grow their business and tackle new customers.


Madison Street Capital had a wonderful business year in 2015 as the financial report for the year shows. A 27% development in the volume of exchanges talks profoundly of the speculation bank’s business sector arranged administrations. The budgetary report further boosts the confidence that Madison will considerably get more clients in future.

Madison Street Capital in associated with various Commercial enterprises. Some of them include


• Advertising: This boost sale by creating awareness of the products on offer.


• Business Services: Advertising;


• Airport Services: This aids in fast movement in out of places as on conducts business


• Human Resource and Employment: (HR) officers create, exhort on and actualize approaches identifying with the successful utilization of staff inside an association.

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May 18, 2016

Trendy and flattering: Just Fab Plus new line

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In an article found on “The Curvy Fashionista,” a new line of curvy, fabulous plus sized clothing is reviewed: Just Fab Plus. JustFab is a line of clothes known for being trendy and functional, and to increase their customer based they introduced a carefully planned line of plus sized clothing with the same quality. The clothing line will start with an introduction of 35 pieces, but the collection will roll out much more later. In their press statement, the clothing line said that this was “just the beginning.”

The press statement was right, because the company has released more and more pieces. The collection starts with the foundational basics of any wardrobe that you can mix and match, like print skirts, solid shirts, and flattering pants. The pieces are ideal for everyday life and the quick weekend getaway. The brightly colored dressed and business like shirts, can help anyone look trendy at work or on vacation. Just Fab answered their customers call to create a plus size cute and affordable clothing collection with high quality basic and trendy clothes.
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JustFab Promo Codes: 20% Off Coupon, 2016

The article on “The Curvy Fashionista” contains a slideshow of the pieces available for Spring and Summer. From bright blue hues and light weight denim, these pieces mix and match the trendy hot weather colors with basics. The bright blue patterned wrap dress is perfect for work or a night out. The white hot ripped jeans and fitted purple shirt are flattering clothes that are functional as well as adorable. A beautiful black jumper is another piece that is gorgeous as well as functional.

The site includes many more pieces. Some dresses or pieces can be as low as 29.95 USD. JustFab Plus has introduced a line of cute, flattering, and affordable clothes in their plus size line. 

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May 17, 2016

Ross Abelow: Trusted Attorney and Animal Lover

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Ross Abelow has been an active practicing attorney in New York City for decades and is a partner in the law firm of Abelow and Cassandro, LLP. He specializes in divorce law and entertainment law. He has proven himself time and again to act intelligently and without prejudice. Mr. Abelow also finds time to maintain a presence on social media and writes about legal issues and complexities in his law blogs. His diverse interest in New York law has made him a particularly prominent and caring attorney.

Divorce law can be a particularly complex area of law in New York City. Mr. Abelow has studied and familiarized himself and his staff on all aspects of divorce law in New York. He understands how intricate the laws are and how emotionally devastating divorce can be to clients from all walks of life. This is where his clients have learned to trust and depend on him for so many aspects of divorce law. Divorce law can run the gamut of sharing physical and intellectual property to child custody. He carefully listens to his clients and addresses their needs and focuses on how those wishes can be fairly addressed in divorce proceedings.

Ross Abelow’s legal interests have taken him into the field of entertainment law as well. There is a large entertainment industry in New York City with music clubs, Broadway shows, comedy and television and movie production. Mr. Abelow has studied in detail the legalities of the entertainment industry so that actors, musicians and producers are protected in any particular entertainment legality. He has successfully dealt with and won royalty right cases and copyright infringement issues over his years of entertainment law review and practice. He is a highly experienced, trusted and well respected attorney in New York City for both entertainment and divorce law.

In January of 2016, moved by the presence of homeless animals, Ross Abelow set up a GoFundMe account to help raise up to $5,000 to aid animal shelters throughout the city. The money will aid in treated injured animals, finding homes and other operating funds needed to care for animals in need. His compassion for animals in need endears him to his animal loving clients and shows his love for the city in which he practices law on a daily basis.

May 11, 2016

ClassDojo Platform Is An Opportunity To Improve Learning And Education

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ClassDojo is a real time educational platform that allows communication between parents, teachers and students enabling them to share what is happening at school. It has now evolved to a community building tool and has the potential to create a closer knit and more involved community. It can be used on any computer and with iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. It allows photo and video sharing, messaging and announcements, and can instantly translate messages in 35 languages. ClassDojo may be the right app to use to promote school reform, improvement and a constant sustained effort to promote a better quality education. ClassDojo shared teachers’ claims of their classrooms being transformed from draining, isolated places where no one is engaged to uplifting, positive places with happy teachers, students excited by learning and parents involved in everyday classroom activities. One of the biggest obstacles to creating “Schools That Learn” has been getting everyone involved in the way school is done. ClassDojo is the right tool.

ClassDojo is now being used in more than a million classrooms worldwide and by tens of millions of teacher, parents and students. According to ClassDojo, this is just the first step on a long journey. Their stated mission is to give communities of teachers, parents and students the power to change education from the ground up, in every classroom in the world. It is currently being used in 2/3 of US schools and in over 180 other countries. ClassDojo uses PubNub’s software as a services (SaaS) hosting and delivery, real time infrastructure to overcome obstacles with network security and other compatibility issues to allow safe sharing on the internet.

Co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had the goal of helping students to learn positive behaviors and grow character strengths including persistence, curiosity, self control, creativity and leadership. Sam Chaudhary is a former high school teacher so he knows first hand about the school and classroom environment. Liam Don developed MMO games and was half way through earning a PhD in Computer Science in 2011 when ClassDojo was founded. Now ClassDojo offers users a community building tool and is considered by some the Facebook for schools. Parents receive real time updates about their child and can also contribute pictures from home. It allows parent-teacher conferences without parents taking off from work and can be an effective tool to promote an all inclusive effort for school improvement and raising the quality of education.

May 6, 2016

Learning The Japanese Arts

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Michael Zomber is a person who enjoys preserving the Japanese history. He collects a variety of items that armor, samurai swords and other antiquities. Zomber has a deep passion to work with others who are interested in the Japanese arts. He has unique credentials that give way to film and collecting.

When one walks into the office of Michael Zomber, the person will see the love of Japanese art in a way that is clearly expressed. From swords on a wall to sets of armor that are displayed in a corner, there are many items that give an insight as to how Zomber feels about the culture. He has been on several History Channel television shows to discuss the Japanese ways of life and the arts that are given by the people who live there, such as “Dueling Pistols” and “Million Dollar Guns.”

Although he is known as one of the world’s experts on Japanese swords, he is also a fantastic storyteller. He has several screenplays under his belt as well as a few novels that are rich in history, such as “Soul of the Samurai.” During his travels in Japan and learning of the history, he has learned about the conflicts among the people who live there. Zomber supports various agencies, including UNICEF, that are trying to bring peace to the area.  Read more about Zomber in his website bio.

May 5, 2016

Putting Wen by Chaz to the test!

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WEN hair is an extremely popular hair product. Wen cleansing conditioner claims to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and styling products. Fashion and beauty blogger, Emily McClure puts the sephora advertised product to test by using the cleansing conditioner once daily for 7 days. She posts daily photos of her hair, describing how it feels and how it was styled. Before starting she explained how she has thin hair and was hoping Wen by Chaz would give her “lucious, T.V. worthy strands.”
Her first time using Wen hair cleansing conditioner she explains how the amount of product she had to use was considerably more than what she would normally use with her regular shampoo. She was worried that it would weigh her fine hair down. To her surprise after blow drying her hair the end result was bouncy, shiny hair. Although the following morning brought some disappointment because her hair was greasy at the roots.

As the week went on she realized that for her hair the product was best when used in the morning. If she washed her hair at night or didn’t have time to shower in the morning she would just end up with oily, flat hair. She did say that by day 7 her hair felt very soft and shiny. Friends of hers even noticed and complimented her on it. In her conclusion of her hair experiment, she says she would definitely use Wen cleansing conditioner whenever she needed some extra shine. Wen hair is available online on

FAQ’s about Wen hair can be answered on


May 5, 2016

Feeding Beneful To Your Dog Is What He Or She Deserves

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Do You Care About Your Dog?
When it comes to caring about the needs of my family, my dog is part of what I consider my family, so I have to consider what my dog needs to be happy and healthy as well. I have a big heart for animals. I always have cared about them a lot. I thought about being a vet as a child, and I even worked at a vet hospital through college. That is where we found our dog that I adopted. When I met my wife, she had to learn to love my dog, and now, the dog is much older, but she still deserves the same great care.

My dog is older in age, she was already around even before twitter was invented, so we are looking at exactly what foods will help keep her around for many years to come. We want to feed her what she needs to remain healthy and by our sides. My wife actually looked into what kinds of premium dog foods are on the market, and she found a great article from the Daily Herald that talks all about what premium dog food companies do on the manufacturing level to keep their food coming out at a high quality.

We decided to stick with Beneful as our dog’s main food because the company makes the food with a combination of high quality ingredients. Beneful’s Chopped Blends and other foods look like they would taste good, and they certainly smell like a tasty food. My dog just loves the way they taste. She devours the food we put in her bowl.

We have tried Beneful’s dry foods ( as well. They have eight kinds of dry foods that are made with real meats and real vegetables, so you should give them a try if you haven’t already. Dogs deserve foods that we can trust. I learned to trust Beneful and always purchase their products from Amazon because they always print their ingredients on the packages, and it makes me feel proud to offer high quality ingredients to my dog. The article from the Daily Herald is found here if you want more information.

April 23, 2016

White Shark Media: The Advantages of an Advertising Firm

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Are you looking for reliable advertising and marketing services to boost your business? Wondering why so many businesses rely on White Shark Media for all of their advertising and marketing promotion? When it comes to reaching your audience and growing your business, White Shark Media can help you.

An advertising firm will work with you to develop a campaign, and set it up properly. This usually involves everything from developing a promotional theme, choosing the appropriate media for the campaign, creating the advertisements, and even negotiating the prices for buying the advertising spot from the various media. Consulting an advertising firm can be extremely beneficial and to the entrepreneur or business that little or no advertising knowledge.

White Shark Media is a renowned advertising firm, specializing in PPC and digital marketing. The company has rendered excellent advertising solutions for many years and has numerous clients who are extremely satisfied with results they have achieved. If you are serious about achieving high returns on investment, it is imperative that you get in touch with White Shark Media right away.

White Shark Media has a team of well-trained and experienced advertiisng and marketing specialists. Each of their professionals is well versed in various aspects of the advertising and marketing arenas and is highly dedicated to ensuring excellent service.

While you may be an expert in your particular field, you may have little or no knowledge of how to create an effective, attention-grabbing advertising campaign. Advertising professionals are knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t and they have great expertise in coming up with innovative ideas that work effectively for you.

White Shark Media provide services that can help you tremendously if you are not inclined to think creatively.

Even if you are not strong in market research, White Shark Media can perform much of the task by helping to identify your target market and its key demographics. Therefore, according to their Facebook page, White Shark Media has the resources to determine what type of ad campaign would be most effective, and to whom the advertisements should be aimed –

White Shark Media saves time and money for businesses. For many small and mid-sized businesses, it is often difficult for them to find the time to develop and set up a full-blown adv campaign, even if they have the expertise to do so. Contact White Shark Media to learn more about how their services can help you grow your business.

April 21, 2016