Salon Glorious in the Comfort of Your Own Shower: Wen by Chaz Dean Products

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Imagine if you could have perfect hair by rubbing Mandarin Italian figs directly on each strand–would you try? Surely you might be questioning just what is so special about this particular fruit and while the compounds found in it have proven to be healthy for hair, it is simply only one of the ingredients found in Wen hair by Chaz Dean opulent hair care products. Celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, understands the nutrients that healthy hair needs to flourish and uses that knowledge as his tool to craft some of the best hair products on the market.

Sure, anyone can boast of accomplishments and promise their blends to restore a person’s hair back to its natural, intended state, but how can they prove it? While Chaz Dean simply put his products on Guthy Renker as his proof, Emily McClure took it upon herself to debunk the mystery behind these natural products. Upon becoming intent on disproving the effectiveness of the products simply because she did not care for the advertisements, she was shocked to discover that Wen’s cleansing conditioner transformed each strand on her head to shiny, more ample locks.

Despite her hair being unable to hold a curl, McClure was ecstatic to discover what her hair could really do when it was full of the right nutrients. Though she now has to refrain from touching her soft hair all of the time, Emily enjoys showing her locks off at her job, in her pictures, and when she is out with friends. In fact, her friends often forget what hair products Emily uses on a daily basis and routinely ask her which salon she just stepped out of! Follow Wen hair on Twitter.

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August 26, 2016

The Importance of Kabbalah Teachings to Human Beings

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There comes a time when we find ourselves lacking a sense of purpose and self-drive. This situation can make you to lose focus in life. Ancient teachings such as the Kabbalah can help us get back on the right track during such situations. The Kabbalah is basically an ancient teaching about wisdom. Those who follow these teachings often receive priceless wisdom, which goes a long way in helping them navigate through day to day challenges.

Kabbalah teachings mainly focus on helping human beings to live fulfilled lives. Inner peace and peaceful co-existence is similarly encouraged. At times, we get overwhelmed with negative feelings such as sadness or desolation. When faced with such situations, it is quite difficult to live normally, and enjoy life just like everyone else. Kabbalah is all about reclaiming your sense of happiness. Besides this, you get linked to an everlasting source of internal energy. Kabbalah teachings mainly focus on helping individuals to attain fulfillment. This ultimately leads to enduring happiness.

Universal principles are also emphasized by Kabbalah regardless of one’s racial background or religious affiliation. The most alluring aspect of Kabbalah is the fact that one is has the liberty to choose a doctrine that best suits him or her. Teachers who offer these lessons only share basic information about the doctrines and thereafter, give students the freedom to choose. Wisdom is imparted to students through practical and enchanting lessons, which have a lasting impression.

A Synopsis of the Kabbalah Centre

This Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1965 by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Philip Berg in Israel. When Yehuda died, Berg moved to the US where he reestablished the center in New York before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. The Kabbalah Center is registered as a not-for-profit organization. It has expanded remarkably and currently boasts 50 offices in different parts of the world.

The Kabbalah Center’s growth is attributed to the use of an innovative approach when offering its lessons. These teachings are available online and are suitable for all individuals across the religious divide because they bear the hallmarks of Islamic, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist wisdom. This highlights why lessons that are offered by the center are unique and harmonious.

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August 24, 2016

Norka Luque Brings the Love Vibe to Inspire Societal and Musical Evolutions with a Postive Messages

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In order to bring a happy revolution with society and music Norka Luque brings an innovative mix of positive messages with emotionally charged music to bring her love based on life experiences. You’ve got to listen to her music to see how she does it. Then you too will catch her vibe based on positivity from her life lessons she learned over the years.

Ever since Norka was young she always felt the urge to do music. And, ever since Emilio Estefan Jr. invested in Norka’s music project. Her debut to her fantasy lifestyle is a dream come true. It was in France where she got a chance to live her dream job by joining a band. And, from there…well, ever since Emilio Estefan Jr. heard her music project. Norka’s been ushered as a top rated performer on the music charts with such acclaim as: prestigious Latin Music Billboards, and a major hit in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela promoting the song MILAGRO promoting the song with El Cata.

Now, with all these successful projects underway Norka now realizes her dream job is her destiny. And, why not? She got the power to transform music and society with a message she conveys based on what she learned in her life to help others find what’s missing in their life like she has. So, it should come as no surprise of her smashing success she’s channeling with her music.

Now, for the first time in her life, Norka’s discovered why she here on this planet. And, she wants to help fans live the life of love she talks about in her music. Because, like Norka’s fans have discovered, when you want more out life, a sense of fulfillment all carried with passion and a sense of the good life. Head out pick up some of Norka’s music to change your life for the better.

Now, people all across the globe are embracing the feel good love vibe Norka Luque sends out with her music. She wants fans to catch the feel good feeling and live their destiny like she does with her music. Truly one of life’s best kept secrets now revealed globally with energy, passion and love.

Check out Noka today and see how far people go in life with the music she makes catered, customized and inspired to bring a positive change all for you based on how she sees the world we live. Discover your destiny here at:

August 15, 2016

Thor Halvorssen’s Active Heart

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When it comes human rights, it takes a lot more than just talking about issues to resolve the problem. Action eventually has to be taken. However, it can’t be just any type of action. It has to be a well thought out and planned action that would be effective for the issue. As of right now, the people that are fighting for human rights are the activists. However, in order to be a good activist, one has to be willing to get dirty and take some punishment. After all, tyranny is fierce and vicious. Appropriate action needs to be taken.

Among the activists that are more action oriented is Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is an activist who goes way beyond theoretical knowledge. He is someone who has experienced the problems with human rights violations. He is working hard with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in order to take down the tyrants around the globe. He has shown so much passion towards human rights activism that he has founded his own organization called the Human Rights Foundation. This is where he and a few others take on the issues throughout the globe in order to create a more humane society for people all throughout the globe.

Thor Halvorssen makes it clear that he loves humanity and people. He avoids falling into that mindset of hating people. After all, if one has a truly negative mindset about people, then he is not going to be all that effective in the fight for human rights. He is also someone who takes care of his appearance so that he could more easily reach people. He is also not the first in his line to fight against government corruption and human rights violations. His father and mother have also fought the battles against horrid conditions.

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August 8, 2016


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While many people struggle with start-ups, some people just have the knack to start a business that grows into a huge success. A good example of this is Don Ressler, an entrepreneur who seems to have a golden touch in every venture he lands on. Ressler is the man behind names like Intelligent Beauty,, and JustFab. But what is it that he possesses that makes him so efficient? Below I will give you a sneak peek into the challenges, triumphs and the lessons he has learnt as an entrepreneur.

In 2011, Don Ressler sold to Intermix Media and partnered with Adam Goldenberg, the then COO to become Alena Media, an e-commerce, and performance advertising company. Together they made hundreds of millions until they were acquired by News Corp. in 2005 when the tables turned. Under the management of the media conglomerate, intermix suffered as a result of neglect and all Ressler and Goldberg could do was look on as the thriving venture they had built withered.

Though frustrated, Goldenberg and Don Ressler were still zealous about starting another booming venture. The two were confident in their ability to succeed in the Online Performance Advertising since it was a fast growing industry. In a few short weeks, they conceived Brand Ideas with the help from some former members of Alena. Brand Ideas is now known as Intelligent Beauty. Some of their creations include Dermstore, a cosmetics marketplace and SENSA, a weight loss system. The venture is said to be very profitable and we even see them receiving $ 43 million in funding from Technology Crossover ventures in 2008.

JustFab is another subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty that was formed in 2010. Today it is a leading fashion subscription site. A year after its formation, they received $ 33 million from Matrix Partners. JustFab was growing tremendously and by April 2012, they had crossed the 6 million member mark and also consequently another $ 76 million in funding from investors in June of that year. JustFab is now huge in Europe and lays claim to a number of acquisitions of its own. They include FabKids, a kids fashion subscription service, FabShoes, a European e-commerce site, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics, an athletic wear fashion site. JustFab’s total capitalization now stands at an impressive $ 250 million. See:

Don Ressler is very keen when choosing a business partner as he has had his share of learning opportunities on Zimbio. His main arsenal, however, is his keen eye to spot a market gap and finding a solution to fill it.

August 5, 2016

The Ups And Downs Of Hair

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Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen Conditioning Cleanser. Wen has become very popular around the world because of its non-toxic and non-harmful properties. Wen conditioning cleanser is a conditioner and shampoo all-in-one. The best thing about the conditioner is that it leaves hair feeling healthy and vibrant. Chaz Dean [see,] was a photographer that later decided to branch into the cosmetology industry. He loved dealing with hair, but he wanted to be able to create a superior hair care product.
Dean was able to get together with some talented individuals that worked in the hair care industry, and he created Wen conditioning shampoo. Wen Conditioning Cleanser quickly got a lot of attention, because it was able to deliver on all of its promises. It is now available on high end stores and online via Amazon.

Emily McClure from The Bustle decided to do her own experiment with Wen conditioning cleanser. She has naturally fine hair, and she wanted to know if the cleanser was going to work on her fine hair. McClure did this experiment over the course of seven days and she was very happy with the results. On the first date after using the conditioner, she felt like her hair was more thick and full. McClure liked the fact that her hair was soft and malleable as well.

Over the course of the next days, McClure found that her results varied. When she washed her hair with Wen conditioning cleanser in the morning, she found that her hair had good results. If she washed her hair in the evening, or if she did not wash it every day, then her hair would feel greasy and weighed down. On one occasion when she used Wen, she got a complement about how her hair looked. That complement assured her that the Wen Conditioning Cleanser was actually doing a good job. In the end, McClure did like Wen Conditioning Cleanser. She felt like it met with her expectations, and she would recommend it to friends and family. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info.



August 3, 2016

Shaygan Kheradpir; Sending Coriant Soaring to New Heights

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Shaygan Kheradpir has an extensive background in the telecommunications industry, working in conjunction with companies like Verizon, Nokia, and GTE. We now look to Mr. Kheradpir’s recent comeback as the new acting CEO of Coriant. Though much debate has followed, Mr. Kheradpir is well ready for the position, spending most of 2015 before his appointment as CEO working with Marlin Equity Partners.

This particular role is probably the most important role he has played yet. “Marlin Equity Partners is a private equity company that built Coriant by stitching together the optical unit of Nokia, Tellabs and part of Sycamore Networks.” (LightReading) In 2015, Shaygan Kheradpir took over the position CEO of Marlin Equity Partners, to then become acting CEO of Coriant and allow Marlin Equity Partners to go back into the hands of its former CEO.

After learning from the parent company, Kheradpir takes his 28 years of industry experience to the Coriant. Coriant has about 500 contracts raking in about 1 billion dollars in revenue a year. Though this seems like acceptable numbers to most, Kheradpir is focused on helping the company reach higher goals. “He plans to position Coriant as a vendor focused on large customers and carriers and expects to build on a successful track record of supplying packet-optical systems.” (FierceTelecom)

Since Kheradpir’s involvement Coriant has made deals with carriers such as “Australia’s NBN, BSNL, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier.” It’s no surprise that Shaygan Kheradpir has been making such strides. After serving as an Executive Partner for GTE, he was Executive Vice President for Verizon, and then helped build Barclays bank as the chief operations and technology officer. With Kheradpir’s background in telecom and finance we see a CEO who has all of the skills to take Coriant to the top of the stocks.

According to

FierceTelecom “Kheradpir’s key task as CEO will be to drive new sales of its equipment to meet service providers’ 100G to multi-terabit coherent metro and long haul transport deployments, hyper-scale data center and cloud infrastructure build-outs, and mobile back haul upgrades to accommodate 4G and upcoming 5G deployments.” We will see a very bright future ahead for Coriant and Shaygan Kheradpir alike.

Follow Shaygan on Twitter @shaygank

Shaygan Kheradpir new Coriant chairman and CEO. (n.d.). Retrieved July 26, 2016, from


July 29, 2016

CCMP Capital Advisors’ CEO Stephen Murray Dies

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Longtime chief executive officer of CCMP Capital Advisors, Steve Murray resigned just one month before his passing at age 52 due to growing health concerns. While more details have been hard to come by, the New York based buyout firm did have their spokeswoman, Alexandra LaManna confirm in an email that Murray did indeed die on March 12th.

As a founding partner of CCMP, he witnessed the evolution of the firm as it spun from JPMorgan Chase & Co. back in 2006 to steer the company away from conflicts of interest among the bank’s clientele. With a specialty in middle market leveraged buyouts and growth equity investments, Steve Murray expertise assisted CCMP to raise their funds by $3.6 billion last year alone.

Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s current CEO conveyed in a recently released email just how very saddened that he and the other colleagues are for the loss of their friend and former partner. Looking back in admiration, he said, “Steve was a terrific investor and deal maker.”
Investing from $100 million to $500 million in equity with each transaction, the finance firm focuses mostly on businesses within the consumer, industrial, health care and energy sectors.

Guiding the firm through the storm from Day One, Stephen Murray helped to invest in heavy hitters like Cabela’s Inc., Quiznos Corp. and Warner Chilcott Plc. His wise fiscal decision making earned himself and his company a superb reputation among both competitors and colleagues.  Read more: Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray leaves firm

Having been raised in a New York City suburb in Westchester County, Murray went on to Boston College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and later a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. By 1984, he was hired as a credit trainee with the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. where he was ultimately named vice president of middle market lending.

According to New York Times, Joining a private equity and leveraged finance division of the company in 1989, Stephen Murray became a founder of the predecessor to what is now CCMP.

After being named head of the bank’s buyout business in 2005 prior to the final spinoff, he cemented his place among middle market deal makers with doting private equity clients for years to come. Learn more about Steve Murray:

Though things were bumpy initially due to the struggles with perceptions of favoritism with the in-house firm, the company gained strength as a separate entity. Along with his lasting legacy in the industry, Murray is survived by his wife and four sons.

July 28, 2016

FreedomPop Offers Incredible Freemium Services

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We are living in an increasingly effective age of technology and this has led to many revolutions from within the various tech industries. One place where companies are struggling to get ahead is in the world of mobile phone. While there are a few ‘big’ companies that seem to dominate the headlines, there is one company underneath that is creating separation as the next big thing: FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a ‘freemium’ mobile carrier that is seeking to put control right back into the hands of the customers by creating tailored services to meet their every need. Have you not heard of them? We’ll break down what makes this L.A. based start up so special.

First off, FreedomPop has a core service that offers customers a completely free experience. You can sign up with FreedomPop and get their core plan and never have to spend a dime as part of the network. You’ll be given access to a limited amount of talk, text, and mobile data every month — completely free. If you like the service than FreedomPop urges you to upgrade and if you don’t like the service then you will never have to actually spend a penny. It’s this ‘bet on themselves’ attitude that has made FreedomPop so special.

Outside of their core free service FreedomPop has made some savvy moves to establish themselves as players in the mobile game for a long time in the future. We’ve seen the company work diligently to add wireless hotspots throughout the continental United States in order to launch their ‘WiFi add on’ service. This service costs $5 per month and it gives you access to secured and private WiFi hot spots to the tune of over 10 million locations in the country alone. Compare how much a wireless plan costs for your house and then really look at how much $5 per month can mean to you. Outside of the WiFi plan there is also the ‘premium’ plan which offers you enhanced mobile data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text for only $19.99 per month — a price unmatched by other companies.

While FreedomPop isn’t a ‘regular’ yet among mobile carrier conversations, we have no doubt that the company is trending toward that direction. Combining savvy marketing with excellent services, FreedomPop is positioning themselves to become a player in the tech world for a long time coming. We definitely can see why FreedomPop is so quickly ascending.

Learn more about them from this FreedomPop review

July 25, 2016

Securus Technology To Release Reports On Global Tel-Link Practices

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Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the criminal justice system, has just released a scathing press release that they have announced will be the first in a series of reports and other papers that will feature the malpractice and lapses of trust and integrity conducted by inmate Communications Company Global Tel-Link or GTL. This action by Securus was stated to the press on June 7, 2016, by the CEO of Securus Technology Rick Smith along with his reasons for taking this drastic action against a competitor. Rick declared that serving the corrections industry along with its law enforcement employees, prison inmates and their friends and family was something he cared deeply about and that it offended and outraged him when a carrier like GTL did not seem to care about anything but the money it could make. It also appeared to him that GTL was not just interested in making a profit but was more interested in just how much money they could squeeze out of their captive audience, He then stated for the record that the business mission of Securus Technology was not just about the money but that it was fundamentally about how to best serve their company’s customers best interests.

Because of this, Securus has vowed to review and publish multiple sources of confirmed information that point out the willful wrongdoing, potential wrongdoing, and gross negligence of Global Tel-Link over the years. This information will all be released in a series of press releases over the next six months. The Securus CEO also stated that the purpose of this tactic was to hopefully shame GTL into acting with more integrity in their dealings with their own customers. He then stated that one company’s bad actions can affect everybody in this industry. The first of these complaints to be released will be a formal 17-page order issued by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, regarding Global Tel-Link’s wrongful actions when they provided telecom services to thousands of inmates in that state’s prison system. The official document details multiple instances of wrongdoing some of which could have been considered criminal at the time they were committed.

July 14, 2016