West Virginia Students Fed During School Shutdowns

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While teachers in West Virginia are anticipating a third and potentially fourth day of their walk-out over teacher salary, they’re still thinking about their students. About one-fourth of the public school students in the state are living in poverty, and that means that they qualify for free meals from the school. Often, the school breakfast and lunch provide them with almost all of the nutrition they receive during the day.

So, what do they do when there’s no school? Many schools provide their students with extra food that they can take home for the weekend. For example, at Nitro High School in Kanawha County, backpacks are left on Friday afternoons to help students get through the weekend.

This week, those backpacks were left out on Wednesday, just ahead of the strike that started on Thursday.

In other parts of the state, community groups hosted lunches for students on Thursday and Friday and packed bags for students to take home.

When the walk-out was being set up, union officials advised communities as to the action that they were prepared to take so that groups and families could plan for childcare and for what to do about feeding the state’s poorest students.

Approximately 275,000 students missed school on Thursday and Friday because their schools closed. Teachers and school personnel are taking action to protest their low wages, which are only projected to increase by 2% in July, 1% in 2020, and another 1% in 2021.

March 17, 2018

O2Pur Providing Reasons for Investment

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Electronic cigarets, vaping devices, and vaping fluids create a market that has been on the rise for the past handful of years. When electronic cigarets came out on the market people were skeptical, but they quickly picked up, creating a profitable place for people in business and numerous promising opportunities for investment.

There is a number of reason why the electronic cigarets market is worth watching. It is not yet overly saturated, for one, and that makes it a lot easier to navigate and provides a very straightforward chance t become weel and familiar with it while it is still in its young stages. That can create numerous opportunities for investment later on it its development.

There are several businesses that are the apparent leaders in the market, and those are an excellent opportunity for investment. At the same time, many other companies are n the rise which makes them the next in line to prove promising and in turn profitable for their investors in the next handful of years.

As an example, we could take the company of O2Pur. It is based in Salt Laje City, UT and has been around since 2013. It is a young company but has been quickly gaining its popularity and growing its reputation and authority in its line of work.

The O2Pur doubles as a retailer as well as it has an online store carrying several products in the market. Those include vaping fluids and vaping devices, salts, UV fluids, electronic cigarettes, and the likes. The O2Pur prides itself on several pillars of its business. The first one of those is providing quality at an affordable price. The company always has a variety of special offers to make the affordable even more easily accessible to the consumer. The corporation has many strict regulations for quality an aim to provide the best they can.

How is O2Pur a good opportunity for investment and is worth watching? The growing business focuses on providing high quality which makes it more popular. That also allows it to focus on growth and creating promising investment spaces when the corporation.

March 14, 2018

Educators Question Proposed Abstinence-Only Sex Programs

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President Trump’s sex education programs have riled some sex educators.
The president’s proposed budget for fiscal 2019 allocates 75 million dollars for “abstinence-only and personal responsibility sex education programs.” He has also appointed a veteran abstinence-only consultant Valerie Huber as an advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services.
There are no standards of sex education on the federal level period curriculums for sex education are usually mandated by state education departments.
“Where the federal government directs funding has a huge ripple effect on the policies that happen at the state, local, school district, and individual schools levels,” said Jesseca Boyer, senior policy manager at the Guttmacher Institute in Refinery29.
Over the years, state education departments have included things subjects such as birth control and sexually transmitted diseases with a mention of abstinence as a means for protection against pregnancy and disease. Some communities opt for the abstinence programs based on their view of “family values.”
Established sex educators say that only using such policies or programs will have harmful effects on students nationwide. They point to several studies whish claim that abstinence-only programs fail to provide students with medical advice of contraception and information diverse sexual practices.
LGBTQ education advocates are also concerned that Trump’s emphasis on abstinence-only programs will not protect young LGBTQ teens.
“The United States, is built on a heteronormative framework that both marginalizes and ostracizes LGBTQ teens, says Dr. Terez Yonan, a teen doctor and fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Health.

March 12, 2018

Malaysia Wants Secular Education for Islamic Schools

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The Malaysian government is pressing Islamic schools to include non-religious studies in their curriculum.
The Islamic schools or “madrassahs” focus solely on the study of the religion of Islam and memorizing the Quran, Islam’s holy book
“If they have memorized the Quran, what is next?” he asked Deputy Prime Minister I Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in a speech at an event on Feb 15 in Putrajaya.
Hamidi wants to mandate that graduates of madrassas pass standardized testing which includes math, science and language arts skills. Since these “madrassahs” are privately-funded independent school, the student graduate without SPM, the equivalent of the America SAT, nor the STAM which is a Malaysian Higher Religious Certificate. Both the SPM and STAM are required for entry into secular universities where upon graduation these students can find employment in the private or public sectors.
Islam is Malaysia’s official religion with over 61 percent of the population adhering to the faith. Nearly 600 madrassahs teach over that 36,000 students in Malaysia. Another 600 schools operate based on parent funding and participation also keeps thousands of students under their care.
The principal of each school determines the curriculum which includes “fiqh,” Islamic etiquette, as well as study of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad called the “hadiths.”
Islam came to Malaysia with Arab merchants in the 15th century. However, the country maintains an education system based on multiculturalism.

March 11, 2018

Billy Murray To Showcase Music And Literature

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Billy Murray is no stranger to classic literature, having even played the role of the great Hunter S. Thompson once upon a time. The infamous actor and personality is coming to Schenectady, New York in order to speak at Proctor’s. Murray is set to read from classic literary works, as well as collaborate with famous cellist, Jan Vogler as part of the New Worlds tour.

The event will include music composed by Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin and words once written by Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and Walt Whitman. Each rendition will feature some of the most influential voices of America and give viewers a glimpse into a supposed “New World,” a world in which creativity and culture take higher priority than the concepts seem to in today’s current world.

Tickets for the event are on sale now via Proctor’s official website, or by phone at (518) 346-6204. Proctor’s, the event location, is on 432 State St. in Schenectady, New York.

The show, which will feature Wang playing the violin and Vanessa Perez sitting, playing the piano, is a harmonious event held by two passionate creators and connoisseurs of culture: Jan Volger and Bill Murray. While Murray’s venture into classical music may be young, his knowledge of art and literature is boundless. Any fan of Bill Murray’s on-screen performances will certainly enjoy an evening of classic literary readings by the acclaimed actor and comedian.

March 10, 2018

Stopping Sexual Harassment Starts with Proper Education of What Is Considered Harassment

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Many women and men have had the strength to come forward recently to report claims of sexual harassment that have occurred against them. While standing up against sexual harassment that has happened in the past is important, being able to know how to prevent sexual harassment and knowing what to do when it does is just as important. The following guide walks you through a few ways to ensure that you can protect yourself from sexual harassment in the future.
Learn How to Identify Sexual Harassment
Knowing how to identify sexual harassment is essential if it is ever going to stop. It’s important for women and men know who to spot sexual harassment when they are being harassed or if someone else is being harassed. There are now sexual harassment clinics being held that can help people learn what harassment is so that they can avoid harassing someone else or being harassed.
Speak Up for Yourself
If you feel that someone at your work says or does something that you consider to be sexual harassment, consider speaking up. Let them know that what they’re saying or doing makes you uncomfortable and you do not feel that it is appropriate. They may not realize that what they’re doing is harassment. While ignorance is no excuse for sexual harassment, being informed that they are being harassing could open the person’s eyes and have them change their ways. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the person, you can report them to human resources.

March 9, 2018

Giertz is the Adviser of Financial Advisers

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David Giertz recently sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal to discuss what financial advisers can do to make sure their clients don’t seek out other counsel. Along with the Journal’s Veronica Dagher, the two discussed ways for advisers to better serve their clients by discussing social security.

In a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial Institute, the data showed that most financial advisers are not discussing social security planning and benefits with their costumers. The very same survey showed the 80 percent of consumers would switch advisers if their adviser was not discussing social security with them. If financial advisers wish to keep their clients, they need to discuss social security benefits now.

Giertz can relate to the grief that some advisers might have in regards to explaining social security to clients. Giertz explains that the 2700 rule social security handbook can be very daunting for a financial adviser to study enough to be able to explain it to their clients. Advisers must obtain a better understanding of the social security rules if they wish to provide their clients with a quality service.


David Giertz received his college education at the University of Miami and Millikin University. After finishing school, he went on to work in the financial service industry for nearly 30 years.

Giertz has worked with Nationwide and CitiGroup and has held a large variety of positions during his time with each company. Giertz is FINRA certified as a financial broker and is no stranger to handing out free advice in newspapers, magazines and on television. He frequently gives financial advice and advice for retirement planning.

Aside from his work in the financial service industry, Giertz has been involved with the Girl Scouts and once held a prestigious position with on of the Universities he attended: Millikin.

March 9, 2018

Students And Staff Surprise Physical Education Teacher

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Students and staff members at Schrop Intermediate School decided to honor a teacher named Betty Kern. She received the Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award. She had no idea that she was getting the award. Betty was told that she had to attend a meeting. When Betty walked in the gym, students and staff members yelled “Surprise”!

Unlike most other parties, there was no punch or cake. She was presented with gifts and letters from her students. Twenty-seven people read their letters out loud. Many students talked about how Betty taught them how to eat the right foods so that they could keep their bodies healthy.

Betty has been teaching at Springfield schools for the past 25 years. Lisa Vardon is the principal of Schrop. She stated that Betty is an exceptional teacher. In 2017, Betty received the Teacher of the Year award. She was selected for the award because she is able to meet the needs of her students while creating an exceptional experience for them.

Lisa stated that Betty is an excellent example of health and fitness. Betty has created a variety of activities for students. There are yoga clubs, jump rope clubs, walking clubs and running clubs. Not only are there many fitness clubs, but students can also participate in a 1.5 mile race at the end of the year.

March 8, 2018

Lack of Religion Teachers in British Schools

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Unlike the United States, England and Wales both require the teaching of religion in schools that are funded by the government. In addition to teaching about the basics of the major religions around the world, teachers are supposed to help students learn to tolerate those who are members of faiths different from students’ own.

There is a looming problem in delivering religious education to students in England and Wales. There is currently a shortage of religion teachers. England needs slightly over 640 religion teachers to fill all positions. However, the government has only been able to fill a little more than 400 positions for the current school year. The education officials in Wales have not released any figures on teacher numbers at this time.

Educators are worried that if qualified religious education instructors are not hired to meet the current demand, schools will be forced to let teachers in other disciplines provide the mandated religious instruction. The fear is that teachers in the other disciplines will not be able to answer students’ questions about religion and religious matters in a highly accurate and in depth manner.

In order to recruit new religious education teachers, the government in the UK has formed an advisory board to provide recommendations. One solution that is being explored is changing the teacher accreditation requirements for religious instruction teachers. There are also efforts underway to get institutions of higher education to promote the teaching of religious education in schools as a viable career choice.

March 7, 2018

Michael Hagele Gives Insight into Tech Field

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The technology industry is a very powerful and important industry that is continuing to grow and develop. While the industry is very reliant on the innovators and people who develop the concepts, it also relies heavily on many other people that are necessary to support it. One individual that has continued to provide great support to the tech industry is Michael Hagele. Michael Hagele recently gave his feedback about the industry in a variety of interviews.

Michael Hagele is an attorney and investor in the technology industry. He is a University of Iowa graduate and went to law school soon after earnings his BA. After spending a few years in law school, he eventually got a job working for a firm in the Silicon Valley area where he got a lot of experience in the field and also met a lot of people. He has been providing a variety of legal services ever since. Beyond his legal services, he also provides his own capital in the form of investments to many clients located all over the country.

Part of the reason that Hagele continues to invest in the industry is that he sees a lot of future and potential in it. The industry is full of promising your startups that are coming up with technology that will help to change the world. One type of tech that he is most excited about is the AI and augmented reality industry. He believes that this type of technology could be used for a variety of purposes including entertainment, training, and medicine.

Hagele also gave some tips that help to define a good entrepreneur. He believes that someone that is coming up with a new business idea needs to be able to invest their whole time and lives into it. This can include working long hours and sacrificing other areas of life. While this may be a sacrifice for a while, it will pay off eventually to those that have a good idea and are able to successfully implement it. He also believes it is important to find time to be healthy by exercising. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-hagele


March 6, 2018