How the Corporate Giants are Changing to Meet the Needs of the Educated Pet Owner

According to recent reports, in early 2015, JM Smucker acquired Big Heart Pet Brands, the makers of Milo’s Kitchen. In addition, Nestle’s Purina Store is in the process of acquiring Merrick Organic Pet Care Products.

Why are These Pet Food Giants Merging with Smaller Brands?

Simply put, consumer demand dictates corporate behavior. Whenever there’s an issue with the products or services people have access to, often if they change their buying behaviors; big business will respond. However, though consumers will sometimes exercise this power on purpose, it usually only happens by accident, like it did in this case.

Feeding the Educated Consumer’s Pet

The Internet has created a much savvier shopper. People want to eat well and they want to feed their families and pets well too. In addition, they’re learning that the foods they thought were at least moderately healthy are, in many ways, completely unhealthy. In fact, they’re learning that some are downright dangerous.

Most heavy meat eaters will boycott any vegetable other than a potato. However, when they learn of the terrible ingredients most manufactures mix into many popular dog food brands, they run fast to find a healthier brand to feed their dog. Even avid meat eaters typically want their families and pets to eat healthily; and will feed them vegetables, even if they don’t personally eat healthily themselves.

In addition to merging with Merrick to promote an organic pet care line, Purina has been producing Beneful Brand Pet Food for several years now. Beneful Pet Food is extremely healthy for dogs and contains the right nutritional balance dogs need at all stages of their lives. In addition, what makes Beneful unique is that the recipes feature all sorts of unique and healthy ingredients.

Though many pet owners expect to see some kind of chicken, fish or beef along with some sort of soy or carbohydrate based binder in their pet food ingredient list, Beneful recipes are nothing like this.

-Beneful features the standard meats you expect. However, the meat is high-quality, lean beef, chicken, fish, salmon, lamb and liver;

-Beneful features healthy starches as binders including corn, barley, brown rice, pasta and wild rice; and

-Beneful features a wide array of healthy vegetables like spinach, sweet potatoes, peas, tomatoes, carrots and more


February 11, 2016