Finding the Professional in You

I met Stephen Murray three years ago to this day at a business meeting in New York for a firm called CCMP Capital. The reasoning behind my partner and I attending the meeting was in hopes to gain a position at CCMP Capital. My partner Jayden and I have been very good friends since we were two years old and have basically had the same dreams our whole lives. Don’t ask me how we started the dream of working for CCMP Capital, but it happened and we have put in every ounce of effort into gaining a position from them.

During the meeting, Stephen Murray noticed the two of us having some issues with one of the mini-projects that were thrown at us during one of the NY Post speeches. Instead of him ignoring the fact that we were having difficulties, he walked over to our table and sat down in a chair next to us. As soon as he sat down, he instantly started explaining the process step by step. While Stephen Murray was explaining the rules and processes of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, he would also stop and take the time to ask up a little about ourselves and how we came to decision to join this firm.

Usually conversations like this are hard for me, but with Stephen, it was just like talking with an old friend. In stead of being nervous, I felt absolutely amazing for the first time in awhile. If by chance I am hired by Stephen, I know for a fact that he will never be let down while I am on watch. I am a highly motivated man who takes pride in every little thing that I do in my life. Normally for men my age (26), they have not yet found this type of motivation or professional attitude. Luckily for me, I had found this part of me years and years ago.

February 18, 2016