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Modern Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is stressful to say the least. Aside from location, invitations, food, and decorations the happy couple has to worry about all the guests and the entire wedding party. Getting everything done before the big day is a strain on the bride and groom as well as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Thankfully modern technology is making the whole process a little easier. With everything that needs to be done, it is good to know there is finally some relief.
In a recent article ( past, present and future wedding planning trends are discussed to highlight some major aspects of the whole process. Getting everyone dressed used to require multiple trips to bridal shops as well as the tedious ordeal of getting everyone’s measurements. Now rentals and websites are giving more options than ever before. As for wedding registers scanning bar codes in the store may be a thing of the past. Many retailers are offering online options where you can pick and choose what you want from the comfort of your own home.

There are even wedding specific sites that allow the couple to add items from multiple sites to ensure they get everything they truly need. Websites for engaged couples have also brought about convenient advancements. When they were first introduces these sites gave guests details of the wedding. Though helpful to others, they took away valuable time and effort that could be spent elsewhere. Now there are sites where information can be easily plugged in and the page could be customized to a specific wedding. With all the new features technology has to offer wedding planning is getting easier everyday.

Slyce is a company dedicated to giving easier access to information. When it comes to weddings everything that needs to be done takes time. With Slyce finding everything that is needed can be as easy as taking out a phone. Imagine seeing shoes that would match a bridesmaid dress perfectly. Finding them online is now as easy as snapping a picture. Slyce uses image recognition technology to match photos to retail sites. Long hours of searching through pages and pages of images can be a thing of the past. Both bar codes and pictures can be used and results come up instantly. Slyce saves time and makes planning weddings that much easier.

The digital age has given us so many advancements to making daily life more manageable. Even the daunting task of wedding planning has been improved with applications like Slyce. Creating the perfect day is now as simple as taking a photo.

March 30, 2016

A Go Fund Me Campaign That Will Benefit Stray Animals

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Some New York City residents and other people who visit this great city have had the experience of finding a stray animal, taking it to a New York City shelter, and then being turned away. Even though the individuals who work at the shelters would like to help, they do not always have the space or funds that are available to take in all of the animals that are brought to their shelters. Fortunately, there are many goodhearted individuals out there who are trying to do something about this problem. They realize that this is an especially urgent problem since winter presents special challenges that need to be addressed. When animals are left on their own during the cold winter months and they have no place to go, they can freeze to death and have a difficult time taking care of themselves.

One individual who is trying to do something about this big problem is Ross Abelow. He is a well-known family attorney who works in New York City. He has decided to launch a campaign that will benefit animal shelters. In January 2016, he created a Go Fund Me campaign with the goal of raising $5,000. He is trying to get people all over the place on board with raising this money in order to benefit stray animals. Once the money has been raised, it will be given to New York shelters in order to address some of their biggest problems. The money will be used to help increase the amount of space that is available where animals can be sheltered. It will also be used to purchase food, medicine, blankets, and other items that will be used to take care of the animals.

Lots of people are familiar with Ross Abelow and the work he does. He maintains an active web presence and posts useful financial and legal information on his Facebook and Mashable pages. Fans, clients, friends, and other individuals can benefit from the information he posts. Ross Abelow also maintains a personal blog site where he addresses a variety of legal issues. In the late 1980’s, Ross Abelow went to the Brooklyn Law school. In 1990, he applied to practice law in the state of New York. Since that time he has been working hard to defend clients and to keep up with all of the latest information that is available to family attorneys in the area. He is well known for fighting for his clients and helping them to get the best results in their cases.

March 25, 2016

Businessman Dick DeVos Promotes Educational Opportunities For America’s Children

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Dick DeVos began his career in the world of business by serving as President of one the country’s most successful corporations and as Chief Executive Officer of one of the country’s most recognized sports teams. Since retiring he has dedicated himself to pursuing his passion in another important field: philanthropy. According to Inside Philanthropy one of the areas of philanthropy that DeVos has become a tireless champion of has been the movement for school choice through generous donations provided by his family foundation. 

The school choice movement has sought to give parents greater input in the quality and type of education that their children receive. The movement has ensured that parents are not limited by geography in regards to choosing the educational institution that can best serve their child’s needs. Dick DeVos has worked to support the school choice movement and education in general by providing financial support to institutions and individuals that support school choice. This has included financial support of the Education Freedom Fund. According to Wikipedia, DeVos was once a chair of the Education Freedom Fund. The fund gave scholarships to poor families in the state of Michigan that enabled them to attend the schools that best met their educational needs. 

The foundation has also supported organizations like the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Potter’s House, the American Enterprise Institute and the Council for National Policy. Dick also runs the The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with his wife. The foundation seeks to create change in the areas of justice, leadership, community, education and the arts. 

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Dick DeVos has sustained a lifelong interest in the world of business that began when he was a child. Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s DeVos witnessed firsthand the hard work and dedication that went into creating Amway, the phenomenally successful business that was co-founded by his father in 1959. Amway has developed networks of grassroots salespeople in the United States and around the world that provide consumers with products that include dietary supplements, products that enhance skincare, air and water purifiers and consumer electronics. Dick DeVos helped Amway become the business that it is today through the leadership positions that he held within the company. DeVos has served in the role of Vice President. He has also served as the President of Amway, that is until Dick decided to pursue his dream of owning his own business. As a Vice President he managed a portfolio that included oversight of a number of the firm’s international business operations. As President he helped the company bring in more than $4 billion in sales during his last year of service there.

March 25, 2016

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics

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Doe Deere is the brilliant creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere started off as a young woman that was desiring to have a career in the fashion industry. Deere was an individual that always had a keen interest in fashion and design. Doe Deere learned how to sew and she soon started making her own clothing line when she graduated from college. Doe Deere began to sell her designs on Amazon, and Deere also began to develop her interest in cosmetics.

Doe Deere is an individual that loves bright and pigmented colors, and the pictures from the brand on Instagram make that clear. Deere found that the majority of makeups did not give her the pigmentation that she wanted in make up. Deere started to experiment on her own with colors, and she was able to create make up that was bright, brilliant and very colorful.

Deere did not know how she was going to be able to launch your business, because she did not have sufficient funds to be able to start cosmetic line on her own. Deere decided to go with her intuition, and she launched her cosmetic line. Deere named her cosmetic line the same name that she named her fashion line which was Lime Crime, the name is also used on Facebook and the company Twitter.. Deere was soon able to get a huge fan base. She was able to introduce different colored makeups and they became hugely popular very quickly.

All of the products that are made by Lime Crime are cruelty free and they are also vegan. Doe Deere is very respected and well-known in the beauty community. She is a woman that encourages other female entrepreneurs to carry out their daydreams, because that is exactly what she did with her cosmetic line. Even though it seemed very unlikely that Deere was going to be able to start a cosmetic line, now she is one of the most well-known and respected cosmetic entrepreneurs in the world.

March 24, 2016

Skout Brings New Travel to App Users

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Apps have become a very important part of the lives of millions of smart device owners. These apps have become the things that we utilize to communicate with friends and family. These apps have also become things that are used for grocery lists, budget spreadsheets, texting and file sharing. It is safe to say that apps play a very important part of the lives of people all over the world.

Skout has successfully implemented another feature that people will be more than glad to utilize. Skout was already becoming a popular social media app, but this new feature will certainly take this app to new heights quickly. Skout Travel is the new feature that a lot of app user talking about. Millions of people have already signed up and taken virtual field trips, and there are waves of new and registered users that are going to be excited about this travel feature.

This is a feature that goes quite well with the overarching theme of what this desktop application app already represents.

There are millions of people that are already utilizing this type of app to meet other people in different countries around the globe. It is only right to also implement a travel feature that allows people to see some of these other countries. This allows people to get connected to the friends that they may have in some of the cities.

People that build friendships online and utilize the travel app may be inspired to visit a certain city where they have made friends and taken a virtual tour. That may be one of the most interesting new updates about this feature. It gives users a greater perspective of the culture and the land in which their new friends may reside.

There are a lot of apps on the market today and many are similar, but Skout stands as one of many that are considered all inclusive. People that become registered users on this site can make friends, set up dates, find jobs and now travel virtually to other cities.

The Skout app creators have worked diligently to carve out a way to make this app stand out from any of the other apps that out there. This is what is attracting an ongoing crowd of users that have become bored and restless with some of the other apps that do not bring anything new to the table.

March 23, 2016

Raise the Volume- Raise the Awareness. Autism Rocks!

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Autism Rocks is a charity organization started in 2014 by Sanjay Shah after the diagnosis of his youngest son with autism in 2011. He decided to combine his love of family and music to fix an all too common issue; too few people are truly aware and educated about this disorder. The foundation focuses on raising money for research and public awareness about the condition. The basic premise being to raise funds through the hosting of invitation-only concerts and using the proceeds of the shows to fund research by the team at The University of Cambridge. Shah makes very clear that the research he funds is not for the cure of autism, but rather for the understanding and prevention of the illness. The Autism Rocks Charity has hosted the likes of popular hip-hop artist Drake, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, rock star Lenny Kravitz, pop star Prince, and even Michael Buble and many well-known DJs. Not only are the performances by invitation only, so are the tickets to be in the audience at the concerts. By doing it this way, Mr. Shah hopes to guarantee enough money to fund the program and research. He and his wife also contribute their own private funds to autism research as well.
Sanjay Shah is native of London, England and has long been involved in philanthropic work sponsoring children in Dubai for more than 10 years now. He attended King College in London, where he majored in biomedical science. He decided, however, that he did not want to practice medicine and went into accounting and banking instead. He worked with companies like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. After losing his job in the 2009 financial crisis and not seeing an abundance of job opportunities in his field at the beginning of what proved to be a deep recession, Shah created his own job, and Solo Capital was born.

Mr. Shah is the sole proprietor of Solo Capital Holdings and the founder and CEO of London-based Solo Capital Partners, specializing in propriety trading and professional sports investments. He is also the CEO of Solo Capital Markets, which according to Company Check UK is an investment consulting firm which also does derivatives, commodities, and foreign exchange. Due to his efforts in the banking and financial services industries, Sanjay Shah has become a very wealthy man. He decided to retire from Solo Capital in January of 2016 and focus all his philanthropic efforts on autism research through his charity, the Autism Rocks Trust. Currently, he lives in Dubai with his wife and family.

March 22, 2016

George Soros Is Funding Immigrant Voters Win PAC

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 An influx of immigration is taking place in the United States, but too many of these immigrants do not vote. Often times, the new immigrants are either not politically aware, or they simply don’t have enough of an interest in exercising their voting rights. However, this demographic of the population would very much tend to lean to the political left, if they show up at the polls. Currently, an effort is underway to get latinos to vote. The effort has certainly gained a lot of ground over the years, and it is expected to grow in the future. This movement has gained momentum, due to large donations from wealthy donors. George Soros, a european billionaire, is trying to get latinos to get out and vote. He donated large amounts of money to a political action organization, known as Immigrant Voters Win PAC. This political action organization has become so large, from all the donations, that it is considered a super PAC.

In some states, latino citizens constitute a larger portion of the population than in others. In these states, if the latino voters participate in politics, this could mean a significant change to the election. This likely could cause the democrats to end up winning these states. Furthermore, some of these states are the well known swing states. These swing states often have a major impact on the election. The candidates that win these states commonly end up winning the election. Immigrant Voters Win PAC has been concentrating it’s efforts on these states. Hopefully, the organization succeeds in bringing in the latino vote in these states.

Immigrant Voters Win PAC takes a unique approach to mobilize voters. Their approach has been quite partisan, favoring liberals. In doing this, they seek to inform latino voters about the anti-latino policies Trump is proposing. These ideas include the possible wall separating the United States from latin america. If he were to succeed in his goal of actually constructing the wall, this would severely disrupt the lives of many latin immigrants. In addition to the wall, Donald Trump has shown extreme prejudice against latin americans. His racist and xenophobic comments have been downright shocking. In fact, Donald Trump has made discriminatory comments, referring to immigrants as “thieves and rapists”.

George Soros is working hard to make sure that Immigrant Voters Win PAC is well funded and successful. He has given money of his own to this organization. In fact, his donation has been exceptionally large. The organization has been funded a total of 15 million dollars. It’s quite uncommon for a liberal political action organization to have this kind of funding. Since they are so well funded, Immigrant Voters Win PAC is going to be able to more easily attain their goals.

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March 17, 2016

Shaygan Kheradpir and his New Journey with Coriant

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Shaygan Kheradpir has established himself as a highly skilled executive within the business and technology fields. He was born in London and grew up in Iran before the 1979 takeover. He has a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate from Cornell University.

At present, Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant. Previously, he held executive positions in Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks. Kheradpir has been instrumental in developing a number of restructuring and cost-cutting plans at each of the companies he has led. One of the hallmarks of effective chief executive ability is directing the company to be aware of the bottom line. Kheradpir brings his leadership abilities to Coriant, and the company should prosper under his guidance.

Part of great leadership is to have a great focus on public relations, so Shaygan Kheradpir and his company are proud to announce that they are planning to have a booth at the OFC 2016 Convention in Anaheim from March 22nd to March 24th. They will have a number of unique solutions for tech-savvy consumers, including their latest high-performance data center interconnect system. This solution is powered by 3.2 terabits of capacity and is housed in a compact 1RU form factor. Moreover, this offering is also awesome because it has up to six times higher system density than competitors.

They also have a best-in-class 100G Beyond Optic Transmission Technology that they will showcase as well. This piece is available in the Coriant hIT 7300 Multi-Haul transport platform and a number of other platforms as well. Clients should be very pleased at the fact this interface offers an industry-leading high density and low power consumption characteristic. Moreover, the offering also has a solid signal processing engine and optimized integrated photonics. The software is embedded to deliver flexible transmission at speeds of 100G and 200G.

Finally, Shaygan Kheradpir and the rest of his staff are also proud to announce that they will be offering a Multi-layer-optimized Service Control which is powered by Coriant Transcend SDN Solution technology. This demonstration features a multi-layer resource service provisioning and offers an context-aware routing plan as well. Offering an open, programmable and automated SDN-based control architecture, this system is sure to please all of the tech-savvy clients that Coriant caters to.

Kheradpir and his company will be at OFC 2016 showcasing these and many other unique solutions in order to help their clients continue to be on the cutting edge of all of the great technological solutions of this day and age!

March 15, 2016

Is Socialism Bad for America? Lets Ask Halvorssen.

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A recent interview carried out by Fox News featured Thor Havlorssen, President of the Human Rights Foundation. The point in the interview was to discuss why Socialism was a poor choice, politically, for America.

Halvorssen expressed concern regarding the nature of Socialism being applied to a government such as the United States, with its far reaching history of corrupt politicians abusing various loopholes within written law to increase their political standing, wealth, and power. A system which gives so much control to the government is potentially at risk of being abused by these very same individuals, the difference now being that they can do it legally.

The interview does stray widely as it goes on, with Halvorssen avoiding the direct line of questioning by the hostess by answering it partially every time before jumping to another separate point. Fox News is often very clear on who it does and doesn’t support in any given election, and Havlorssen knows that anything said showing his support for Bernie would immediately end the interview, which is why he holds off on mentioning his donation to Sander’s campaign till the end of the interview.

Finally, in regards to the other candidates, he expresses concern over Clinton for accepting “donations” from violent dictatorships around the world, his degree revolves around possessing knowledge of these very people. He reiterates that while Socialism has the potential for abuse, he cannot support a candidate who accepts money from such notorious individuals. Trump is not openly discussed, but simply mentioned as the Republican Front Runner, followed by nervous laughter from both parties.

In the end the interview turns to personal bits about Thor Halvorssen, completely dropping the Socialism discussion, as he obviously will not being saying anything negative regarding the matter.

March 10, 2016

The Growth of Organo Gold

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Coffee is a bitter beverage that is produced as well as consumed around the world by billions of individuals. Coffee not only provides a consumer with a delicious taste, but also a much needed boost energy for the early mornings or dragging afternoons. With the present day technology, sellers can now provide consumers with new options for coffee in different flavors, textures, and even new temperatures. Coffee, above all, is accessible to each consumer through trading and also due to the growth of coffee all around the world. With the exponential growth of coffee, producers and sellers are thinking of more and more ways to sell this delicious product to the consumer.

One new niche that sellers have created is a new way of drinking coffee that also promotes healthy living. Among these new companies is Organo Gold which is one of the top international companies that specializes in selling delicious coffee products. The founder of this company is Bernardo Chua who founded this company in a local coffee shop located in Canada. Mr. Chua started Organo Gold with his extensive knowledge in both business as well as multilevel marketing. What makes Organo Gold a unique company is the incorporation of a special ingredient that has been dubbed as the “king of herbs”. This herb is called Ganoderma and has even been proven to provide consumers with a healthy alternative to regular and chemical processed coffee that is sold by large corporations.

The use of Ganoderma in coffee is a new initiative to promote healthy living. Ganoderma has been proven to cure and assist with any ailments such as stress and even weight loss. This process is done naturally by increasing the oxygen levels within the body that rejuvenates the entire system to create a positive feeling. Ganoderma is consumed by consumers around the world and has been praised for not only improving the sleep cycle, but for also reducing stress throughout the day.

Ganoderma is added to Organo Gold products through a natural process where the wood-like fungus is transformed and combined with the Organo Gold products. The products that Organo Gold incorporates the powder into includes Organo Gold’s tea, variety of gourmet coffee, as well as a number of other health oriented products. Bernardo Chua, leader of this initiative has created and grown Organo Gold on the international scale. Organo Gold has been introduced to over 35 different countries. The mission of the company is to promote healthy living to all.  Check out Bernardo’s company address on YouTube for a little bit of insight into the man and what he’s done so far.

March 10, 2016