George Soros Sees Signs Of A Global Economic Meltdown On The Horizon


George Soros likes to talk about the need for open societies, open borders, human rights, and investment tactics. Soros is a holocaust survivor, and he is also one of the wealthiest people in the world. Soros made all his money investing in assets that other investors didn’t want. When he bet against the British pound in 1981, most investors thought he was crazy, but when he made $1 billion on that transaction, people began to see the insight that Soros has. Soros does speak unless he has the facts to substantiate what he says. Lately, Soros has been spending time telling the world that a recession is on the horizon and it’s time to recognize it.

But it’s hard to convince some people that the world is going to go through another 2008 meltdown when there are so many stop-gaps in place to prevent it. That’s where Soros disagrees. The signs are obvious to George Soros. They may be independent dots on the world economic map at the moment, but they will soon be connected to each other, and that’s when the all the bull-crap will hit the fan. The main dot on the economic map is China, but European Union’s dot is growing every day.

Investors and governments around the world know about China’s economic woes. The Chinese are having a difficult time converting their sagging manufacturing-based economy into a consumer oriented economy. The Chinese have used billions of dollars of their capital reserves to reinforce the value of their currency, and they invested billions more in keeping their stock market solvent. Those figures don’t count their massive investment in infrastructure that is creating the lowest capital reserve fund in the country’s recent history. Asian countries are feeling the impact of China’s financial missteps. and Soros says that’s only the beginning.

But the leaders of the EU can’t seem to agree on any type of solution for their euro debt, their economic slowdown and the migration crisis that has destroyed the essence of the EU. When China’s issues are combined with the European Union’s slow growth, and oil’s fall from power and the internal battles it is causing, the prognosis for the world’s economic health isn’t good.

Mr. Soros believes the United States is on the way to another recession even though the dollar is strong. Soros believes investors are keeping the dollar strong because it is one of the only currencies that investors believe in. But even the strong dollar won’t be enough to derail the pending global recession.

March 10, 2016

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    Mr. Soros thinks the European Union may be on the verge of a collapse, and that is another sign of a global recession. The EU has several issues to address. That’s why Like reading the 11 Main Mistakes in Essay Writing so I can apply those rules when investing too.

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