The Growth of Organo Gold

Coffee is a bitter beverage that is produced as well as consumed around the world by billions of individuals. Coffee not only provides a consumer with a delicious taste, but also a much needed boost energy for the early mornings or dragging afternoons. With the present day technology, sellers can now provide consumers with new options for coffee in different flavors, textures, and even new temperatures. Coffee, above all, is accessible to each consumer through trading and also due to the growth of coffee all around the world. With the exponential growth of coffee, producers and sellers are thinking of more and more ways to sell this delicious product to the consumer.

One new niche that sellers have created is a new way of drinking coffee that also promotes healthy living. Among these new companies is Organo Gold which is one of the top international companies that specializes in selling delicious coffee products. The founder of this company is Bernardo Chua who founded this company in a local coffee shop located in Canada. Mr. Chua started Organo Gold with his extensive knowledge in both business as well as multilevel marketing. What makes Organo Gold a unique company is the incorporation of a special ingredient that has been dubbed as the “king of herbs”. This herb is called Ganoderma and has even been proven to provide consumers with a healthy alternative to regular and chemical processed coffee that is sold by large corporations.

The use of Ganoderma in coffee is a new initiative to promote healthy living. Ganoderma has been proven to cure and assist with any ailments such as stress and even weight loss. This process is done naturally by increasing the oxygen levels within the body that rejuvenates the entire system to create a positive feeling. Ganoderma is consumed by consumers around the world and has been praised for not only improving the sleep cycle, but for also reducing stress throughout the day.

Ganoderma is added to Organo Gold products through a natural process where the wood-like fungus is transformed and combined with the Organo Gold products. The products that Organo Gold incorporates the powder into includes Organo Gold’s tea, variety of gourmet coffee, as well as a number of other health oriented products. Bernardo Chua, leader of this initiative has created and grown Organo Gold on the international scale. Organo Gold has been introduced to over 35 different countries. The mission of the company is to promote healthy living to all.  Check out Bernardo’s company address on YouTube for a little bit of insight into the man and what he’s done so far.

March 10, 2016

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    No other person can talk better on this rise of Organa Gold products than Bernardo Chua because he has made a big business. I think that with it will help to further show that this is the case with most direct marketing because they thrive on the success of personalities and lifestyles in action.

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