George Soros Is Funding Immigrant Voters Win PAC

 An influx of immigration is taking place in the United States, but too many of these immigrants do not vote. Often times, the new immigrants are either not politically aware, or they simply don’t have enough of an interest in exercising their voting rights. However, this demographic of the population would very much tend to lean to the political left, if they show up at the polls. Currently, an effort is underway to get latinos to vote. The effort has certainly gained a lot of ground over the years, and it is expected to grow in the future. This movement has gained momentum, due to large donations from wealthy donors. George Soros, a european billionaire, is trying to get latinos to get out and vote. He donated large amounts of money to a political action organization, known as Immigrant Voters Win PAC. This political action organization has become so large, from all the donations, that it is considered a super PAC.

In some states, latino citizens constitute a larger portion of the population than in others. In these states, if the latino voters participate in politics, this could mean a significant change to the election. This likely could cause the democrats to end up winning these states. Furthermore, some of these states are the well known swing states. These swing states often have a major impact on the election. The candidates that win these states commonly end up winning the election. Immigrant Voters Win PAC has been concentrating it’s efforts on these states. Hopefully, the organization succeeds in bringing in the latino vote in these states.

Immigrant Voters Win PAC takes a unique approach to mobilize voters. Their approach has been quite partisan, favoring liberals. In doing this, they seek to inform latino voters about the anti-latino policies Trump is proposing. These ideas include the possible wall separating the United States from latin america. If he were to succeed in his goal of actually constructing the wall, this would severely disrupt the lives of many latin immigrants. In addition to the wall, Donald Trump has shown extreme prejudice against latin americans. His racist and xenophobic comments have been downright shocking. In fact, Donald Trump has made discriminatory comments, referring to immigrants as “thieves and rapists”.

George Soros is working hard to make sure that Immigrant Voters Win PAC is well funded and successful. He has given money of his own to this organization. In fact, his donation has been exceptionally large. The organization has been funded a total of 15 million dollars. It’s quite uncommon for a liberal political action organization to have this kind of funding. Since they are so well funded, Immigrant Voters Win PAC is going to be able to more easily attain their goals.

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March 17, 2016

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  1. Yamileth Davin Post author

    Would this campaigns not be seen by some foundations as illegal, I wonder what some of their aims and motivations are. Though can make the difference in the end, it looks common sense that this is in favor of more democratic. On the other hand, it can question the power of the state and the non immigrants if their own will will be influenced by some select few.

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