Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the brilliant creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere started off as a young woman that was desiring to have a career in the fashion industry. Deere was an individual that always had a keen interest in fashion and design. Doe Deere learned how to sew and she soon started making her own clothing line when she graduated from college. Doe Deere began to sell her designs on Amazon, and Deere also began to develop her interest in cosmetics.

Doe Deere is an individual that loves bright and pigmented colors, and the pictures from the brand on Instagram make that clear. Deere found that the majority of makeups did not give her the pigmentation that she wanted in make up. Deere started to experiment on her own with colors, and she was able to create make up that was bright, brilliant and very colorful.

Deere did not know how she was going to be able to launch your business, because she did not have sufficient funds to be able to start cosmetic line on her own. Deere decided to go with her intuition, and she launched her cosmetic line. Deere named her cosmetic line the same name that she named her fashion line which was Lime Crime, the name is also used on Facebook and the company Twitter.. Deere was soon able to get a huge fan base. She was able to introduce different colored makeups and they became hugely popular very quickly.

All of the products that are made by Lime Crime are cruelty free and they are also vegan. Doe Deere is very respected and well-known in the beauty community. She is a woman that encourages other female entrepreneurs to carry out their daydreams, because that is exactly what she did with her cosmetic line. Even though it seemed very unlikely that Deere was going to be able to start a cosmetic line, now she is one of the most well-known and respected cosmetic entrepreneurs in the world.

March 24, 2016