A Go Fund Me Campaign That Will Benefit Stray Animals

Some New York City residents and other people who visit this great city have had the experience of finding a stray animal, taking it to a New York City shelter, and then being turned away. Even though the individuals who work at the shelters would like to help, they do not always have the space or funds that are available to take in all of the animals that are brought to their shelters. Fortunately, there are many goodhearted individuals out there who are trying to do something about this problem. They realize that this is an especially urgent problem since winter presents special challenges that need to be addressed. When animals are left on their own during the cold winter months and they have no place to go, they can freeze to death and have a difficult time taking care of themselves.

One individual who is trying to do something about this big problem is Ross Abelow. He is a well-known family attorney who works in New York City. He has decided to launch a campaign that will benefit animal shelters. In January 2016, he created a Go Fund Me campaign with the goal of raising $5,000. He is trying to get people all over the place on board with raising this money in order to benefit stray animals. Once the money has been raised, it will be given to New York shelters in order to address some of their biggest problems. The money will be used to help increase the amount of space that is available where animals can be sheltered. It will also be used to purchase food, medicine, blankets, and other items that will be used to take care of the animals.

Lots of people are familiar with Ross Abelow and the work he does. He maintains an active web presence and posts useful financial and legal information on his Facebook and Mashable pages. Fans, clients, friends, and other individuals can benefit from the information he posts. Ross Abelow also maintains a personal blog site where he addresses a variety of legal issues. In the late 1980’s, Ross Abelow went to the Brooklyn Law school. In 1990, he applied to practice law in the state of New York. Since that time he has been working hard to defend clients and to keep up with all of the latest information that is available to family attorneys in the area. He is well known for fighting for his clients and helping them to get the best results in their cases.

March 25, 2016