Trendy and flattering: Just Fab Plus new line

In an article found on “The Curvy Fashionista,” a new line of curvy, fabulous plus sized clothing is reviewed: Just Fab Plus. JustFab is a line of clothes known for being trendy and functional, and to increase their customer based they introduced a carefully planned line of plus sized clothing with the same quality. The clothing line will start with an introduction of 35 pieces, but the collection will roll out much more later. In their press statement, the clothing line said that this was “just the beginning.”

The press statement was right, because the company has released more and more pieces. The collection starts with the foundational basics of any wardrobe that you can mix and match, like print skirts, solid shirts, and flattering pants. The pieces are ideal for everyday life and the quick weekend getaway. The brightly colored dressed and business like shirts, can help anyone look trendy at work or on vacation. Just Fab answered their customers call to create a plus size cute and affordable clothing collection with high quality basic and trendy clothes.
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The article on “The Curvy Fashionista” contains a slideshow of the pieces available for Spring and Summer. From bright blue hues and light weight denim, these pieces mix and match the trendy hot weather colors with basics. The bright blue patterned wrap dress is perfect for work or a night out. The white hot ripped jeans and fitted purple shirt are flattering clothes that are functional as well as adorable. A beautiful black jumper is another piece that is gorgeous as well as functional.

The site includes many more pieces. Some dresses or pieces can be as low as 29.95 USD. JustFab Plus has introduced a line of cute, flattering, and affordable clothes in their plus size line. 

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May 17, 2016