Two Million Instagram Followers; Lime Crime Spreads a Message

There was once a time where royalty was solely based on bloodlines and being the rightful heir to the throne. Today, royalty is obtained with how many followers that you have on social media. Currently reveling in fame and glory is the untraditional makeup company, Lime Crime. Boasting of their two million Instagram followers, the company undoubtedly deserves the spotlight that they are finally getting.

Founded by Doe Deere, or the Queen of Unicorns as she is commonly known, Lime Crime essentially shaped the makeup industry into a more tolerant, out there in a good way type of field. Known as Unicorns, their fans take to social media as a means to rejoice that they finally have a company that suits their needs, and to share makeup ideas with fellow Unicorns. As they gallop to social media stardom, Lime Crime continues to grow in popularity, and their important message is easily spread across the globe.

Stressing the importance of being yourself, Lime Crime has impressive, vibrant color patterns that allow people to use makeup as a form of art. Stating that you really can wear green lipstick outlined in orange and look amazing, the company truly transforms faces into blank canvases, and splatters color all over them in a way that radiates positivity, acceptance, and expression.

In sum, celebrating two million followers on Instagram further validates the immense popularity of Lime Crime as a company. As users continue to connect across the globe, a message is spread that it is okay to be yourself, and perhaps boast of being yourself on social media.

June 1, 2016