A Bright Future for Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, LLC just released the 4th edition of its hedge fund industry M&A overview for 2015. The fourth quarter was the largest reported out of the entire year. It has been reported that 42 deals were closed in 2015 when only 32 were closed in the previous year. 2015 also saw about a 27% increase in transaction volume. So far, 2016 looks to be a record breaking year, as well.

The hedge fund industry, in previous years, has been highly fragmented. Now, everything is starting to come back together, even though managers are facing higher operational costs and downward facing pressure on fees. Madison Street Capital has recently seen both buyers and sellers being accommodated through a variety of deal mechanisms that are now being used. If this continues to happen, it sees no reason why it would not be easy for the industry to start to heal itself and fulfill the recorded breaking predictions for the current year.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is an international banking firm. It is known for its integrity, excellence and leadership in regards to its financial advisory services that are shared with both public and privately held businesses. The business has helped hundreds of other business reach their goals in a timely matter. This makes it more sought out for by other businesses looking for financial solutions. It has experience with helping businesses in many different sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, technology and construction, just to name a few.

Madison Street Company, which was founded in 2005, has its main office in Chicago Illinois, but it has offices in over a dozen other states, as well as in countries in Africa and Asia. The current CEO is Charles Botchway and the COO is Anthony Marshall. Together, they have created a board of advisors who help clients build a financial and capitalization structure that is unique to each of their situations.

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June 2, 2016