Wen By Chaz Helped This Mother of 3

As the mother of three beautiful little girls all of which have different textures of hair it has become challenging to find a product that actually works for everyone and makes everyone happy. I have struggled for years trying to find something that will make my daughter with curly hair less curly and find a product that will make my wavy haired daughter not as tangled and as a mom it’s really hard. Not to mention while I struggle with having to do their hair each morning I also have to find time to manage my own hair and quite frankly I feel as if I am all out of options.
Not long ago while staying up late at night I saw a commercial on QVC for WEN Hair By Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean has long been a favorite in the beauty community for his work with several celebrities but I never had the pleasure to use his products. This sephora endorsed product in particular was a 3 in one 1 product that was created to work with all kinds of hair and so based on the commercial alone it really sounded like this product could be very beneficial to not only me but on my daughter’s hair as well.

I’m like most people and I hate to try new products on my hair without a ton of research because one wrong step could have you experiencing a lifetime of damaging hair. I didn’t want to take that chance so I ramped up my search efforts. During my search I read several negative articles about the Wen hair product but really didn’t feel as if they could all be totally true. Then something amazing happened, I found an article from Emily Mcclure at Bustle who actually not only wrote about her experience but shared pictures. After seeing how well it worked for her there was no way I couldn’t try it, at least once. Read more about WEN Hair Care at guthyrenker.com

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

June 10, 2016