Securus Technology To Release Reports On Global Tel-Link Practices

Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the criminal justice system, has just released a scathing press release that they have announced will be the first in a series of reports and other papers that will feature the malpractice and lapses of trust and integrity conducted by inmate Communications Company Global Tel-Link or GTL. This action by Securus was stated to the press on June 7, 2016, by the CEO of Securus Technology Rick Smith along with his reasons for taking this drastic action against a competitor. Rick declared that serving the corrections industry along with its law enforcement employees, prison inmates and their friends and family was something he cared deeply about and that it offended and outraged him when a carrier like GTL did not seem to care about anything but the money it could make. It also appeared to him that GTL was not just interested in making a profit but was more interested in just how much money they could squeeze out of their captive audience, He then stated for the record that the business mission of Securus Technology was not just about the money but that it was fundamentally about how to best serve their company’s customers best interests.

Because of this, Securus has vowed to review and publish multiple sources of confirmed information that point out the willful wrongdoing, potential wrongdoing, and gross negligence of Global Tel-Link over the years. This information will all be released in a series of press releases over the next six months. The Securus CEO also stated that the purpose of this tactic was to hopefully shame GTL into acting with more integrity in their dealings with their own customers. He then stated that one company’s bad actions can affect everybody in this industry. The first of these complaints to be released will be a formal 17-page order issued by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, regarding Global Tel-Link’s wrongful actions when they provided telecom services to thousands of inmates in that state’s prison system. The official document details multiple instances of wrongdoing some of which could have been considered criminal at the time they were committed.

July 14, 2016