FreedomPop Offers Incredible Freemium Services

We are living in an increasingly effective age of technology and this has led to many revolutions from within the various tech industries. One place where companies are struggling to get ahead is in the world of mobile phone. While there are a few ‘big’ companies that seem to dominate the headlines, there is one company underneath that is creating separation as the next big thing: FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a ‘freemium’ mobile carrier that is seeking to put control right back into the hands of the customers by creating tailored services to meet their every need. Have you not heard of them? We’ll break down what makes this L.A. based start up so special.

First off, FreedomPop has a core service that offers customers a completely free experience. You can sign up with FreedomPop and get their core plan and never have to spend a dime as part of the network. You’ll be given access to a limited amount of talk, text, and mobile data every month — completely free. If you like the service than FreedomPop urges you to upgrade and if you don’t like the service then you will never have to actually spend a penny. It’s this ‘bet on themselves’ attitude that has made FreedomPop so special.

Outside of their core free service FreedomPop has made some savvy moves to establish themselves as players in the mobile game for a long time in the future. We’ve seen the company work diligently to add wireless hotspots throughout the continental United States in order to launch their ‘WiFi add on’ service. This service costs $5 per month and it gives you access to secured and private WiFi hot spots to the tune of over 10 million locations in the country alone. Compare how much a wireless plan costs for your house and then really look at how much $5 per month can mean to you. Outside of the WiFi plan there is also the ‘premium’ plan which offers you enhanced mobile data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text for only $19.99 per month — a price unmatched by other companies.

While FreedomPop isn’t a ‘regular’ yet among mobile carrier conversations, we have no doubt that the company is trending toward that direction. Combining savvy marketing with excellent services, FreedomPop is positioning themselves to become a player in the tech world for a long time coming. We definitely can see why FreedomPop is so quickly ascending.

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July 25, 2016