What Drives Keith Mann’s Desire to Give Back?

For some, giving back is something that’s done in order to feel a stronger connection to their local community. For others, it’s about protecting a value that they feel passionately about. Finally, there are those who seek to inspire others to take action. For Keith Mann, giving back to his community is about doing all of the above.

Given all the recent tension and unrest amongst police officers across the country, some protests against law enforcement have, unfortunately, turned violent. This has led to dips in morale amongst those who bravely serve us every day across the country. For NYC resident Keith Mann and his wife Keely, this didn’t sit well.

Not only does Keith Mann and Keely support and honor those who are brave enough to serve us every day, but Keely’s uncle is a detective in Staten Island, so the couple are well aware of the risks, challenges, and bravery that is required of law enforcement.

In order to reinforce their gratitude, the couple decided to buy lunch for the 54th precinct, not once, but twice: once in January of 2015 and again in February. Though this action may seem simple in nature, the impact that it can have on the morale, mood, and ultimately actions of those who serve is huge. More than just a free meal, Keith and Keely Mann’s gesture serves to reinforce with law enforcement officers that many people out there support and care about them.

For Keith and Lesley Mann, this gesture is certainly about giving back to their local community, but it’s also about the strong family connection that they share with law enforcement. What’s more, Mann firmly believes that small tokens of appreciation go a long way, not just for those who receive them but also for those who observe them. If this small show of support for local law enforcement inspires someone else to do the same, the end result could be many more shows of appreciation that ultimately lead to a resolution of larger issues at play. This, ultimately, is what drives Keith Mann to give back to his community.

September 13, 2016

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