ClassDojo is Changing the way Parents and Teachers Communicate

The trailblazing tech company ClassDojo is in the midst of providing funding for a new technology that has the potential to make parent teacher conferences extinct. To date, the tech company has raised over $20 million in a series B round of venture funding. ClassDojo hopes that the tech their developing will help teachers and students’ parents stay connected and enhance communication about student development in the classroom.

Instead of teachers and students’ parents communicating only four times a year in annual parent teacher meetings ClassDojo will allow parents and teachers to communicate throughout the year, as well as throughout the day. Making it more difficult for students to hide incidents that may have taken place during the school day.

Co founders of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, have announced that the tech company is using the over $20 million dollars in funding they’ve raised to expand their team.

Teachers who have the app will be able to make scheduled events known to parents on a daily basis, by way of sending photos or videos to parents showing off a student’s latest work or participation in activities.

More About ClassDojo

The classroom management platform was founded in 2011. Unlike many other classroom management companies who focus on digital curriculum and testing platforms, ClassDojo decided to focus on creating an app that would create a culture and community between teachers, students and their parents.

Though first based in the United Kingdom early on, ClassDojo’s current headquarters is situated in San Francisco, California.

Since ClassDojo was formed it has grown into a very successful company. Around 85,000 schools in the United States alone use the app. In addition, more than 3.5 million teachers in several different locations spanning nearly 60 countries uses ClassDojo. The company is constantly trying to figure out ways to distribute its app to even more teachers and parents, in spite of the company not generating revenue at this point.


September 19, 2016

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