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Fabletics Joins With FTBC To Bring More Awareness To Breast Cancer

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Kate Hudson is at it again, and she’s not just creating more clothes this time. Although Kate is the head of Fabletics, which is an athletic wear company with low-priced clothing, she is now the ambassador or FTBC (Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.) FTBC is a company that was started in the UK by Ralph Lauren in 1996 and was meant specifically to help those who have breast cancer. The company works with many other fashion companies to bring in funds to help with the research that is trying to fight against breast cancer, which is something that many celebrities feel the need to take part in.

Kate Hudson claims that she is very happy to be an ambassador for the company FTBC because she feels that most people know someone who has had breast cancer at one point or another. Fabletics has created a three-piece set that is specifically meant to raise funding for the FTBC, and the color of the clothing is of course going to be pink. Although the clothing sold by Fabletics for the FTBC foundation is pink in color, it’s not the typical pink used for breast cancer awareness but a deeper pink that will still relate to the cause but be a different pink compared to other breast cancer awareness foundations.

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The three-piece clothing is a tank top, a sports bra, and Capri pants, and these items can be purchased in store or online, and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these items will go directly to the FTBC foundation. Fabletics is a company that is dominating the athletic fashion companies, especially since it’s a part of JustFab, which is its parent company. In the last three years since Kate Hudson started the Fabletics company, it’s grown tremendously in size and has become one of the most well-known athletic wear companies online. With over a million members and counting, the company is constantly shipping out all kinds of items to their members.

Since Fabletics is a membership-based company, those that choose to become a member can purchase items at discounted price, which helps to keep the prices low for every member. Those that choose not to become a member can still shop with the Fabletics company but will pay standard prices and will not receive the savings that members receive. Membership fees are paid monthly and can be stopped if a member chooses to take the month off by opting out by the fifth of the month. Those that pay their membership fee will also get to use the fee as funds to shop within the online store or in one of the several storefronts that Fabletics has.

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October 30, 2016

Equities First Holdings’ Stock-Based Loans and Margin Loans Increases

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Equities First Holdings is a world-class lending institution and provider of alternative capital financing. As financial institutions make their lending criteria tight, EFH’s margin loans, and stock-based loans increases. EFH serves as a substitute source of funding for borrowers limited to conventional credit-based loans and wishing to raise quick capital.

While there exist options for financing these borrowers, recently, lending institutions have reduced their lending options, increased interest rates, and tightened loan qualifications. As such, most borrowers prefer stock-based credits, as is an innovative credit option for investors in need of quick funding. These loans are often highly valued than margin loans and their interest rates remain fixed even during the market fluctuation.

According to Al Christy, the CEO of EFH, market changes are inevitable during extended loan terms. However, stock-based credits provide a hedge by lowering the expected investment risk when the market is about to make a downturn. Furthermore, securities-based credits are non-recourse; therefore, debtors retain loan proceeds, even if the value of the securities decline.

Difference between margin loans and stock-based loans

Although stock-based and margin loans are considered synonymous because of using securities for collateral, they differ significantly. Firstly, margin loans require applicants to have a pre-qualification. Their interest rates varies and may range from 10% to 50 %. Notably, a lending institution may liquidate the debtor’s security without notification.

Conversely, stock-based loans’ interest rate is fixed and ranges from 3% to 4% and a loan-to-value ratio ranging from 50% to 75%. Interestingly, for stock-based loans, borrowers are not restricted to use the money for a particular purpose.

About Equities First Holdings

For over 14 years, Equities First Holdings is a premier provider of unconventional financing solutions to investors not qualified for conventional loans. Borrowers use publicly traded bonds and stocks as their collateral. EFH provides excellent liquidation at a lower interest rate to help its clients meet their professional and personal financial needs.

As a global lending institution, EFH functions in nine countries in the U.S, Asia, Australia, and the U.K. Since 2002, EFH has initiated almost 700 transactions for international corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Through EFH, clients access alternative financing at lower rates using stocks and bonds as collateral.

October 30, 2016

Keith Mann Knows The Truth

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When it comes to matters of the world, Keith Mann prides himself on knowing what is going on as an entrepreneur and director of Dynamics Search Partners. He likes to be well-read, well-informed, and knowledgeable. As an entrepreneur, he has always known what kind of work goes into building something. He also knows that when someone builds something, there is going to be jealousy out there and people that want to try to take that person down. Instead of doing their own work or creating something that is unique, they would rather spend time being upset, angry, or dragging others down in the mud with them. Keith Mann has always taken the high road and always will take the high road.


That is just one of the many things about him that people admire and respect. He knows the truth and he knows what he has done and how he has worked his way up to where he is today. He also knows you can’t make everyone happy. One thing he has prided himself on, however, is helping out others. He has done tremendous work for Uncommon Schools. He just wants things to be equal and for there to be a level playing field out there. He wants everyone to get a chance. Once they have that chance, it is up to them what they do with it and how they run with it.


He recently held a fundraiser that raised over 22 thousand dollars for Uncommon Schools so they can do testing for the upcoming school year. He also recently gave lunch to the NYPD 54th Street precinct twice to give them a boost of confidence. Everyone knows the tough time the police are facing right now and how many people are attacking them. Keith Mann is going to do the right thing all of the time. Mann does not believe in doing the right thing only when people are watching. In fact, he would prefer these things go unnoticed, but people pick up on them and notice them and they become stories. That is not the reason he does it, however. He does it because he believes in it.

October 20, 2016

College Savings Bank Of Princeton New Jersey Acquired by Nexbank SSB Of Dallas

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The Dallas-based bank, Nexbank SSB announced in December 2015 that it had acquired College Savings Bank located in Princeton, New Jersey with no specific terms of the deal released. Nexbank SSB is a member of Nexbank Capital Inc that offers its clients diversified financial services across the US. College Savings Bank just like its name suggests is a banking institution that deals with 529 plan college-savings programs.

Despite the acquisition, the Nexbank directors and executives don’t want to College Savings Bank to lose its identity and customers. The aim is to maintain the integrity of the Princeton-based bank to continue serving its niche clients. Mr. John Holt, the President, and CEO of Nexbank Capital Inc. commented about the acquisition claiming that College Savings Bank would keep its name and branding as well as maintain its current day to day operations as a division of Nexbank Capital Inc.

Nexbank acknowledged that College Savings Bank was built on the foundation of college savings since its formation nearly 30 years ago in 1987. Its executives and directors understand that college savings was the basis of their growth and success and therefore have minimum plans to alter it. College Savings Bank is the fund manager for college savings plans for both the Arizona Family College and Indiana College Choice.
About Nexbank

Nexbank Capital Inc. is a banking service provider that offers its customers three financial services that include mortgages, investment banking, and commercial banking. Nexbank excels at providing personalized banking and financial services to individuals, high-net individuals, businesses, corporations, and institutions.

As of June 30, 2016, the banking institution had over $3.5 billion in assets. The executive management team is led by Chairman James Dondero, who is also a Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital. It combines seasoned expertise and strong focus in serving clients to ensure they get the best financial services. The bank’s management and directors are all committed to bringing the company success.

October 17, 2016

Wen By Chaz Is A Revolutionary Product

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When a revolutionary product like WEN hair by Chaz is put together, it does not happen overnight and it is not a lighting-in-a-bottle type release. It takes careful consideration and it also takes having a revolutionary mind that is able to see what others out there might be missing or perhaps overlooking. That mind is most certainly Chaz’s mind. Change is good and things that are new are good. Chaz Dean ( took it upon himself to create something that was fresh and innovative. He has that kind of insight into hair care products. When someone has been doing it as long as he he has, it is impossible not to pick up a few things along the way.

He saw a Facebook trend out there where people were unhappy with having to buy so many products and spend so much on products. He wanted things to be convenient and he wanted things to be affordable. Those are two key components when putting together a hair care product. People take their hair care seriously, as it is a big part of their personality and a big part of how they view themselves when they look a look at themselves every day. They want to look the best.

In case there was any doubt, which there should not be when it comes to Chaz, there is an amazing review out there by Emily McClure of, which can be read here: She is a self-professed hair care fanatic and knows everything there is know about products and has tried many of them out. She gave Wen hair seven days and also added photos every day to show off the improvements it made on her hair in terms of bounce and shine, which is what the Fig version brought. If someone does not own Wen by Chaz, now is the time! Get Wen hair online, check out


October 11, 2016

Tips For Planning Parties

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There is a lot that goes into planning parties. When one looks at all of the different aspects of party planning, he may find himself a little intimidated and overwhelmed at the notion of planning an event. Fortunately, there are tips that could help him avoid such an overload. Among these tips are planning ahead and finding a co-host. Another tip is that one does not have to play DJ anymore. The advancement of digital technology makes it so that people can put together their own playlists. As a result, there will be plenty of music without the need for someone to be there.  Read more:

One issue with events that need to be solved is who the host is. Depending on the size of the event, there may need to be more than one host. When looking for a co-host, one of the best places to look is at someone who is very experienced with hosting parties. Fortunately, this could be found with event planners in NYC. There are plenty of hosts that could help people get into the mood that the party requires. In fact, it is the host that sets the pace and the energy for the event.

One event planning company in NYC that could provide good hosts is Twenty Three Layers. The expert party planners of 23 Layers not only know how to provide the set up for the party, but also know how to make the attendees feel welcome and encouraged to participate in the fun that they have set up for them. Parties are meant to be a social occasion. Twenty Three Layers knows how to bring out the social aspect of the fun event. They also know how to set up the entertainment and the refreshments that encourage people to stay for a while and enjoy the event.

October 10, 2016

Madison Street Capital Revealed as M&A Advisor Award Finalist

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A Summary of the Merger and Acquisition Finalist

Founded 11 years ago in 2005, Madison Street Capital has been dedicated to offering insights and intelligence on merger and acquisition activities. Since then, the company has managed to build up a premier global network of merger and association, turnaround, and finance professionals. Furthermore, Madison Street Capital has offices all over North America, Africa, and Asia allowing them to be one of the most notable leaders in the merging and acquisition field across the world. With it’s experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships in the business world, Madison Street Capital has all the tools it needs to match buyers with the right purchases they are interested in. Furthermore, they also have the ability to assist in creating the proper matches for financing and capitalization for any sort of client situation.

All About the Awards and Ceremony

“We are very pleased to have been able to assist our longstanding client Dowco with the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. And we are honored to be in the running for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. Our dealmakers work tirelessly across multiple time zones to connect our clients with growing and emerging businesses that can suit their diverse needs for continued growth and success,” explained Madison Street Founder and CEO, Charles Botchway.

It was recently announced that one of the finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award was Madison Street Capital and that the company had managed two nominations in the Awards; Industrial Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. The awards are widely respected and viewed as the pinnacle of achievement in the financial industry, while those who hold awards from the ceremony are viewed as those who are the best of the best at deal making, restructuring and financing. The winners of this year’s awards will be announced on Wednesday, November 9, at the New York Athletic Club.

For more information, please head to to read more regarding the M&A Advisor Awards.

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October 6, 2016