The DeVos Family Foundation’s Support of Education Choice

The DeVos family name a has always been closely associated with politics and business, yet with the advent of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, philanthropy is joining that list of areas that the DeVos family name is associated with. As Chairman of their philanthropic organization, Betsy DeVos has over site over their operations and services. They work directly with many groups and committees both locally in their home state of Michigan as well as internationally to inspire and promote positive social developments. One of Mrs. DeVos’ most passionate topics is on education choice. She is striving to bring about practical education reform which would allow each parent the freedom to choose where their child attends school. Being a mother herself, Mrs. DeVos understands the tremendous benefit and relief it is to a parent to be able to send their kids where they desire. Unfortunately, not all parents have this opportunity as some with lower incomes are prevented from doing so for simple reasons of resources. To combat this, Betsy DeVos raises money actively for scholarships that are granted to lower income families in the hopes that they can achieve the dream of sending their children where they desire to attend. Having been involved in political positions since she was in college, Mrs. DeVos knows that real social change needs to come from change in legislation. That is why she has worked her way up to become Chairman of both the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children. It is through these organizations that Mrs. DeVos works to democratically push for school choice. Her and her husband Dick DeVos have both been active in trying to amend the Michigan state constitution to accept school vouchers.


Dick DeVos himself has earned a reputation as a very successful business man. He started working at Amway Distribution, a company which his father started, and soon found himself as Vice President. In this position, he was able to grow the company’s international revenue to exceed that of their domestic for the first time in history. Later, DeVos was appointed as the CEO of Amway and actually founded Alticor, which eventually became the parent company of Amway. Both were grown to new heights under DeVos’ leaderships and guidance. Interestingly, DeVos also spent time as the President and CEO of the Orlando Magic. In the realm of politics, DeVos has been just as active. He was a member of the Michigan State Board of Education and was even nominated to represent the Republican Party in the 2006 race for governor of Michigan. Dick DeVos now resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his hometown, where he lives with his wife and children.


November 8, 2016

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