Lime Crime Brand Tastes Sweet Enough To CEO/Founder Doe Deere

Many people believe that e-commerce is the wave of the future when it comes to building a successful brand. Knowing your way around social media also reaps huge benefits, and Doe Deere is excellent at both. The young, Russian born businesswoman launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008 and has slowly risen to the top, where the big girls play.

Doe Deere gave an interview to, to talk about pursuing a dream and how she skillfully developed hers. We have learned that Doe Deere was attracted to bright colors and fantastical creatures as a child, She enjoyed playing with and applying makeup on herself and her friends. At age 13, she knew that ink was a hot trend and began selling temporary tattoos to her classmates.

At 17, Doe Deere moved to New York City, and from there, she dreamed big and began dabbling in her favorite things. Doe Deere sold her own fashions through Ebay and later joined a rock band, where she met her future husband. She pursued creative freedom in all its aspects.

Doe Deere enjoyed colorful makeup to go with her colorful locks and wild fashion. The only problem was, NYC didn’t even sell a wide variety of vivid cosmetics. So, Doe Deere began designing her own Lime Crime makeup brand with radically crazy color palettes. She was hoping that other young women and men might share her edgy, hip concept of adornment. Doe Deere was right; in fact, she quickly developed a worldwide following.

Today, Lime Crime’s Instagram page reveals more than 2.4 million followers. Doe Deere and her brand have become social media darlings. Makeup fanatics enjoy sending selfies wearing her sparkly eye shadows and sexy liquid matte lipsticks. These lip colors are so wild, they go beyond the normal beauty spectrum. Alien Green, Peacock, Squash, Cement and Banana are just a few of these stunning lips shades that last and last into the night.

Lime Crime has also just introduced new lipsticks with cool, prismatic technology. They are called Diamond Crushers and reflect light in the most flattering way. These iridescent lip toppers are gorgeous and come in six, sexy shades. You can check them out here. Just a quick swipe, and you’re radiating like a super star.

Lime Crime is an independent makeup company based in Los Angeles. It’s proud to be both vegan and cruelty-free makeup.

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November 21, 2016

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