Principal of Diversant John Goullet

Diversant is a technology staffing firm that helps a number of technology professionals seek employment. It also helps many companies look for and hire the professionals that best meet their needs. With the assistance and guidance provided by Diversant, both technology professionals and companies will be in great position to reach their goals. The firm known as Diversant has distinguished itself as a leading technology staffing firm by adopting the core values of diversity, teamwork and discipline. The firm realizes that in order to find the best professionals for companies, it needs to make a collaborative effort to work with staff members, professionals and companies. With this effort, they will be able to easily find the right technology professionals for their clients. Along with teamwork, Diversant emphasizes discipline to steadily work towards fulfilling objectives and helping a variety of professionals and companies on a regular basis.

One of the reasons why Diversant has established itself as a leading technology staffing company is its leadership. The firm is currently led by its principal John Goullet. For nearly two decades, John Goullet has distinguished himself as a top technology consultant and executive. Since he is well aware of the current technology needs of companies, he is able to find the right talent for them through his organization. While Goullet is an expert at helping companies find ideal employees, he is also knowledgeable of what skills and abilities technology professionals need in order to advance their career. Goullet also believes that adopting values of discipline, teamwork and diversity will allow everyone at the firm and the clients to get the most desirable outcome when it comes to staffing.

John Goullet began his career as a computer consultant for a number of companies. At these companies, John would manage the technology systems and make recommendations on what will best benefit the company. He would also give them advice on how to operate hardware and software along with how to take advantage of the latest advances in computer technology. In the mid 1990’s, John noticed that a number of companies were looking to hire technology professionals. Therefore he started up his own firm and helped companies meet this demand. He would eventually merge his company with Diversant and become the firm’s principal.

November 29, 2016

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