Recap of Josh Verne’s Most Recent Podcast Interview

Entrepreneur Josh Verne sat down to talk about his business ventures and keys to success on a recent podcast interview. During this meeting, Verne told people about his newest company known as FlockU. He also talked about his keys to success and what people should do if they want to reach their full potential. Josh believes that it is important to possess certain characteristics in order to become a successful individual. He also said that it is important to seek success in every aspect of your life rather than just business. While financial and business success is very beneficial, it is only part of what it takes in order to experience true success in life according to Josh Verne.


When Josh spoke on the interview, he first said that having leadership skills is essential to success. He believes that using your status as a boss to force others to do things for your benefit is not the best form of leadership. Instead, Verne believes that you must allow others to pursue goals that benefit the organization as well as pursue your own. As a result, you will be in better position to accomplish a number of important objectives. Another point Josh made during the interview is that you will want to focus on getting a win win situation. This entails making sure that everyone benefits in a business or personal endeavor. If you are looking to achieve success, Josh also believes that you will need to enjoy the work you do so that you are more focused and more likely to excel at it.


Josh Verne is currently the co founder of his company FlockU which is one of the leading content marketing companies. As well as providing content marketing services, FlockU also participates in e-commerce as well. With this company, Josh is able to help a number of college students take advantage of promotions from top retailers when looking to purchase merchandise. Along with offering access to retailers, FlockU also provides information to college students about the latest events taking place on campus. Therefore, college students are able to learn more about events and top products more easily.


Prior to getting involved in entrepreneurship, Josh Verne was working as a sales professional. He held a number of positions at various retailers where he would generate sales figures that exceeded $100 million. As a result, he was able to establish himself as one of the top salespeople around. Before he worked in sales for major retail companies, Josh worked for his family at a furniture distribution business. He would hold management positions as well as serve as a warehouse clerk. This experience gave him the starting point he needed in order to achieve business success.

December 31, 2016

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