Wengie is a lifestyle and Beauty Guru most known for her do it yourself videos on YouTube. Wengie creates a variety of content on fashion, lifestyle, Beauty, and travel as well as food videos and do it yourself videos. She has well over 5https://www.pinterest.com/wengie/ million subscribers and receives millions and millions of views a day. One of her most popular videos is her life hacks video.


Throughout this video Wengie gives viewers a ton of tips and tricks on how to make everyday life easier. One of the top tricks in the video Wengie used a phone to take pictures of everything in her fridge before she went Supermarket shopping. This is a great way to know what items you need or don’t need as well as a great way to keep track of the things you are eating. It is a great tip that anyone can use.


Another great tip Wengie shares with her viewers is how to keep sweaters looking fresh and clean without being full of dust and lint. All you need is a razor which makes this one of the easiest tricks in the video. Simply use the razor to shave the sweater and it will remove any lint or fuzz. This is a great way to keep sweaters looking fresh and new.


One of the simplest and most effective tips in the video is a great way to ensure you never leave things at home. While you are getting ready or even the night before make a pile by the door of all the most important things you need to take with you such as your cell phone or your wallet. This is a great tip if you are forgetful.


These are are just some of the great tips and tricks that Wengie offers in her life hack video. She has tons of different videos offering a variety of tips and tricks on so many different topics. With all of these great videos it is no surprise that she is one of the top YouTubers in Australia.

January 19, 2017

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