The “Davos CAP Calculator” by Davos Real Estate Group

A new mobile application was announced by the Davos Real Estate Group in an article posted by The application, titled the “Davos CAP Calculator”, was released in June 2016 on both Android and iPhone devices. It helps clients of the Davos Real Estate Group manage their real estate investments and estimate how much return their will be receiving on their properties. David Osio and Gerard González, who are the CEO/Founder and the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group respectively, worked with Tecknolution to create a tool that was not only accurate and helpful, but also easy to use as well.


The Davis CAP Calculator can be customized for each person that uses it, providing investment strategies, premium products and a specialized team of licensed professionals right at a client’s fingertips. It has several tools available to its clients, including the ability to manage multiple properties, estimate the price of rent and calculate the income value of a location. Both David Osio and Gerard González wanted an application that mirrored their core vaules. By spreading the company’s influence through the use of mobile applications, Davos Real Estate Group can reach more clients and help with accurate information and professional assistance.


The launch of this new application was just another stepping stone in David Osio rise to success. Osio has proven that he has a mind for many different financial practices and a strong understanding of banking. With a degree in law from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, he became the Director of MGO, a law firm in Caracas, where he had many corporate clients. Later, he continued his education at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración and the New York Institute of Finance where he earned his degree in higher education by studying Portfolio Management. Osio remained in the United States to be part of the private Banking Division of Banco Latino Internacional in Miami. Within two years he was promoted to Vice President of Commercial Banking. This promotion came with hundreds of both national and international clients. David Osio left Banco Latino Internacional in 1993 to become independent and start his own company. He established Davos Financial Group shortly after and had no trouble finding clients and growing his company. Now, a little over two decades later and Osio’s company now has thousands of clients and brokering agreements with banks across the globe. The Davos Financial Group has cemented itself in the world of finance and real estate.

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January 22, 2017

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