Will DeVos Make the USA Education Great Again?

Trump finally made up his mind whom he wanted to be director of education, and the lot fell of Betsy DeVos. The final approval now lies with the Senate but the public is already expressing its disapproval of DeVos. Will she be able to convince the masses otherwise?

Ms. DeVos comes from a long history of establishing Charter Schools in the worse districts of Michigan. This was after identifying the educational gap within Detroit’s poor and struggling families, but she was not the only business minded person to spot the opportunity. Soon a plethora of Charter Schools sprouted on block after block leading to what was accurately defined as, ‘a great choice of schools, but no good choice to enroll in’.

Establishing the schools was the easy part, promoting quality education was the hard one. In record, Charter Schools are the worst performing academically in Detroit, and greater Michigan. We have a situation where an A-student from a charter school cannot identify a single cell found within the human body. The decline in charter school enrollment became so bad that the school owners resulted to issuing incentives to those who enrolled. Promises of free laptops or raffle tickets to win iPads became the norm.

This is a glimpse of the performance record that describes DeVos’ experience with the educational system. Word has it that she even had to pay off some Senators and arm-twist a few legal professionals just to get her name into the Trump’s list of considerations. Now that she is half way there, will she really deliver? In truth, she doesn’t need to move mountains to convince the masses, she only needs to address four key concerns of the education system in America.

First off, she has to ensure that the America public school system promotes the student’s well-being emotionally, physically, academically and socially. Secondly, she has to ensure the education system promotes powerful learning among the students, encouraging questioning and collaboration. Thirdly, she has to build the teacher capacity in public schools by enrolling more teachers and establishing teacher evaluation systems. Lastly, she has to ensure collaboration is promoted within the American education system, encouraging participation from community partners, educators and inter-school partnerships.

February 17, 2017

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