NY Congressman Chuck Schumer Gives Failing Grade To Trump’s Education Nominee

President Trump’s pick for education secretary will be flunked, if Chuck Schumer has his way. The senate’s top Democrat will be voting against Betsy DeVos.

The popular, longtime NY congressman is not one to mince words. In fact, Schumer was quite blunt when speaking about Betsy DeVos:

“Betsy DeVos would single-handedly decimate our public education system if she were confirmed,” Schumer stated in a recent press release.

US News and World Report says that the nominee for education secretary comes from a prominent and powerful Michigan Republican family, and critics are quick to point out that DeVos offers zero experience. Her children have received private education, not public, and she has never attended or worked in the public school arena.

Ms. DeVos didn’t fare well during her tough confirmation hearing recently, as Democrats challenged her ability in becoming the country’s education leader.

Critics claim that the numbers are there, showing that DeVos and her family have donated more than $200 million to United States Republicans. Ample donations have been made to many of the senators who will vote on her confirmation.

Congressman Schumer also cites DeVos’ investments in companies where she maintains a large stake and a refusal to divest from these holdings. He says she’s in it for herself and not the students.

Schumer is trying to spark controversy with the DeVos nomination, hoping that Republicans will feel the pressure and vote to block her appointment. Thus far, the GOP seems poised in supporting President Trump’s pick.

February 18, 2017

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