Crazy Fan Theories about the Harry Potter


True lovers of the Harry Potter series have read the books over and over again. So familiar are they with the story that they can sometimes make connections in the story lines and come up with their own Harry Potter theory for some of the things in the stories.

One popular fan theory claims that Crookshanks the cat originally belonged to Lily Potter, Harry’s mother. This could possibly be true since Hermione purchases the cat at the Magical Menagerie and is told the cat has been there for a long time. Harry does wonder if the cat could have survived when Voldermort made his attack when Harry was just a baby. Crookshanks also recognizes Sirius and Wormtail in the animagus form.

Another theory is that the author of the series, JK Rowling, is actually Rita Skeeter. Some believe she was forced to leave the magical world when they found out she was making up stories. She had a hard time making a living as a muggle and decided to write about the all of the things that had happened to her before.

A third fan theory, is that Neville Longbottom was actually a good wizard all along but was originally using the wrong wand. In his later years he was, in fact, considered an exceptional wizard but his early years at Hogwarts did not go as smoothly. It is well known that the wand chooses the wizard and Neville started out using his father’s wand before it was broken and finally got to choose his own wand.

If you really think about some of these trippy theories, it changes the total dynamic of the series, making them some of the best weed movies on Netflix to get high with your friends, and just sit back and enjoy.
February 22, 2017

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