End Citizen United is Creating a New Reality

In a world where inequality is the norm, most politicians and wealthy individuals are looking for different ways that they can control the world especially the elections on msnbc.com.

In a court ruling, the Supreme Court overturned the BCRA act of 2002. The law stated the corporations and unions were prohibited from making donations towards the election. However, the Supreme Court indicated that such prohibition was working against the constitution and that is what why they overturned the act.

Background information

The Supreme Court was ruling on a case that was filed by Citizen United. The non-profit organization wanted to air a film that was critical of the then Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. The organization on Facebook– being firm supporters of the Republicans were seeking for permission to release the film titled Hilary: The Movie. The court blocked them because airing the film was a violation of the BCRA law of 2002. This law prohibited the electioneering communications ads that named a candidate within 30 days of the Primary general election. The court stopped the organization from airing, but they overturned the BCRA act on soft money.

End Citizen United PAC had an issue with the Supreme Court ruling, and that is why they are taking action against it. The goal of the organization is to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision. They are looking to raise the required number of signatures to file a petition with the Congress.

The group was established in 2015 and during the first month, they had raised over $2 million. Their goal is to raise $25 million to be able to support the entire process on EndCitizensUnited.org. During that same month, over 325,000 people have already signed the petition.

End Citizen United was supporting the Democrats any other person who was against the ruling and wanted an amendment.

The reason why End Citizens United is passionate about the matter is that the ruling will benefit the rich people who are looking to buy the elections. Allowing the corporation and the unions to support the elections will only increase the circulation of the soft money. Elections are supposed to be democratic and free. But, the interference of the rich will cause a problem in the future elections as there will be no transparency or accountability.

The group’s supporters are the grassroots activists who are helping in spreading the information on the ruling.

The work of the End Citizens United group has come under significant criticism because they are looking for a constitutional amendment. The critics say that this a long shot considering there has not been any amendment since 1992. However, their efforts will not go unnoticed as they are helping people understand about the Supreme Court ruling.

February 27, 2017

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