The Incredible Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a financial advisor. To date, he has been both member and leader of a number of companies responsible for financial matters. Presently, he is the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors LLC. AXA Advisors LLC is a firm whose headquarters is located in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. This firm usually deals with matters relating to global insurance. For this reason, it has a number of branches around the world. The presence of AXA Advisors LLC is felt in countries found in Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Western Europe. Hence, it is a highly diversified brand.

AXA Advisors LLC was founded in the year 1816. A century later, this company is still going strong. Its original name was The Ancienne Mutuelle. However, after acquiring a number of companies, its present brand name was developed in 1985. AXA Advisors LLC is an institution keen on protecting the environment, so as to ensure that human life and society at large is protected from issues that might come as a result of environmental degradation. For this course, this company created a research fund in 2008, on a hundred million euro budget.

Under the Research Fund, a number of its member countries have been able to benefit. This fund has been used for research and also in sponsoring the best environmental scientists to advance their studies. In existence today is an AXA heart in action initiative meant for artistic and social philanthropy.

Vincent Parascandola being its current senior executive vice president has been able to steer this company to greatness. His competency has enabled him to registered more than five thousand, three hundred and fifty representatives countrywide. Also, his management style is unmatched.

In his lifetime, Vincent Parascandola has also been able to work for the Continental Division in the capacity of chief sales officer and president. Moreover, he has been president of the Northern Division and Advantage Group. Also, he has worked for Mony Group as a financial professional, sales manager, managing director, and field vice president. Finally, he has led AXA Equitable in the capacity of executive vice president.

February 27, 2017

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