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Pupils with Special Needs

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A person with special needs is one who is affected by a chronic health condition, is at a social disadvantage or has a physical impediment. These pupils often require special conditions of learning so as to reach their potential.


Students affected by chronic health conditions are often taught at home. Homeschooling ensures that they can learn relevant information at their pace. However, special conditions can be created at a regular school for such pupils where a section of the classroom is set aside for these students preferably if the school meets the conditions which may include a healthcare expert and a school dispensary.


Pupils that have a physical impediment also have special schools where special education tools are used and experts are also brought in to teach them. These tools and experts vary depending on the physical impairment. For instance, a school for the blind will have tools such as Braille while a school for the deaf will have visual aids. These pupils can access information that equips them with knowledge on how to understand their surroundings and become prominent people.


Socially disadvantaged students require special conditions depending on their social predicament. For example, children in juvenile correctional facilities are provided with a literacy program where they are taught how to read and write. Children in other social institutions like group homes also get the special education they need from those who care for them and their teachers.


Educating pupils with special needs promotes equality in that they are able to compete with others who lack these needs. It is, therefore, crucial that students with special needs are not neglected and are provided with the necessary resources such as funding and facilities to ensure that they can be part of the society.



March 30, 2017

Why Hollywood Stars are Loving Kabbalah

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Kabbalah Center is a non-for-profit organization based in Los Angeles. Kabbalah is the ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating lasting fulfillment and joy. The teachings are available online as well as through Kabbalah’s regional centers and study groups around the world. Kabbalistic teachings also include Zohar.

Kabbalah dates back 1922. It was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag who modernized the practice and made it more accessible to people all around the world. He passed down his leadership to his apprentice, Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, who eventually apprenticed Rav Berg. This lineage roots the history of Kabbalah Center.

Many celebrities from Hollywood have been enthralled about this practice. Madonna was one of the first celebrities to practice Kabbalah. She was so fascinated by this Jewish way of life that she opened up several Kabbalah centers in the country. Many other celebrities have followed suit and are openly getting the spiritual peace they have been yearning. Some of the famous figures who embraced this culture include Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, and Paris Hilton.

Sandra Bernhard has had a very troubling life in Hollywood. From ugly break ups to controversial hook ups, Sandra has seen it all. However, according to the Los Angeles Times, she stated that she is a regular student of the Kabbalah Center and it has really helped her get rid of her chaotic life. Paris Hilton also confessed that after her nasty breakup with her longtime partner, Nick Carter, she sort refuge at a Kabbalah Center which did her good. She says that she still frequents the place for guidance.

Britney Spears agreed with the other celebrities by stating that the practice is peaceful. She believes in the need for helping others in the society and Kabbalah concurred with her beliefs. Her long-time friend, Madonna, introduced her to it. On the other hand, Sammy Davis joined Kabbalah because he wanted to be part of the history which was about 5,000 years old. Apart from the giving him inner peace, he also appreciated the strength that the Jews showcased over the years to make Kabbalah what it is today.

March 30, 2017

Tammy Mazzocco Just Keeps Working

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Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate in central Ohio, who sells residential properties. Her career is well established, and she works in four counties, Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, and Licking. She is associated with Re/Max and the Judy Gang Real Estate group and has been from the start of her selling career, as Judy is both a friend and a mentor.

Mazzocco got her start in real estate as a secretary to a nine-man commercial real estate group and moved on from there to the managership of a condominium project for seven years. It was at that post in 1995 that her boss convinced her to get her real estate license to help him with some of his real estate dealings.

Mazzocco worked for other agents in a supportive role until in 1999 she decided that the income opportunity was very good in sales, and she decided to be a full-time realtor in that year. She has never looked back or had any regrets, and her success story is one that is enviable, for sure.

She has learned a lot by her admission from many of her co-workers and managers. Mazzocco is quick to adapt to a good idea when she sees that it will work for her. Early in her career, she was a bit shy, particularly when it came to asking potential clients about their finances. From a practical standpoint, knowing whether people have the money for down payments and other expenses is important to a real estate broker. It saves time, and if a person is not ready now, they may be in the future.

Someone on Twitter suggested to Mazzocco that she simply start the conversation and blurt it out. So she did, and from that time forward it was never a problem again. When asked what is the habit that seems to propel her forward, and her answer is that she has to set goals. Her strategy is to set meaningful goals for monthly, weekly, and daily purposes. She likes to break the goals down into smaller action steps because goals are more easily attained that way.

She also is firm about treating her potential clients in the same manner in which she would like to be treated. She values their time and investment as though it is her own, and focuses on them and not on herself. That seems to work really because the clients know if you are sincere or not.

View her agent profile:

March 30, 2017

Republicans Attempt to Destroy Department of Education

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A lot of people worldwide have criticized President Donald Trump for selecting Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education. Some critics have believed that he chose someone who has zero experience with public schools because she wouldn’t be needed for long, and that he and Republicans have been planning to eliminate the entire agency.


While the media filled the air waves, newspapers and websites in early February with stories about the president asking for prayers for Arnold Schwarzenegger because of low “The Celebrity Apprentice” ratings, DAPL protests and the Trump campaign’s and administration’s ties to Russia, the Republicans were quietly submitting bills for consideration, including the little heard of H.R. 899. On February 7, 2017, Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky submitted a bill designed to “abolish” the Department of Education by December 31, 2018. The bill was co-sponsored by Republicans from mostly rural and/or heavily conservative states.


Massie claims that the Department of Education fails to take into account the educational desires of parents and local community and state leaders. Critics have pointed out that his argument is an old conservative one that mostly stems from white conservative dislike of certain topics being taught in classrooms, including sexual education and acceptance and inclusion of certain types of people like POC and members of the LGBT+ community.


Many educators argue that without the Department of Education, a lot of children in rural and inner city areas will fail to receive the level of education needed to succeed globally and with diverse groups. Additionally, countries that have national, centralized systems often produce better student achievement outcomes. Some conspiracy theorists and critics have argued that the Republicans are trying to create an even less-educated rural and inner city workforce to fill intensive labor jobs traditionally filled by migrants and illegal immigrants.

March 29, 2017

C Students Are More Successful After School and Here Is the Reason Why

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During the 1800s school was intended to teach and instill obedience. However, the industrial revolution brought about large corporations that needed a set of workers who displayed obedience and never questioned directives. Over time the education system has moved from taking standardized tests to a system where all organizations require people to raise the bar of their conscious awareness. Nowadays, the world needs ‘self-authoring’ individuals and independent thinkers to take responsibility for themselves as the C student does.


They Always Question the Validity of the Academic System


Unlike the ‘yes and no’ A students, the C students are not into educational systems. These students are disruptors and will always find ways to challenge status-quo and find better ways to accomplish success.


They Prefer Not To Be Submissive


By not being passive, C students think for themselves. This way they become highly creative and come up with ideas and plans that revolutionize business sectors, innovation and the economy at large.


They Pose a Unique Definition of Success


As A and B students are secure externally through good performance, C students understand that security is only experienced internally. All external success verification is obsolete to them. Therefore, they chart their goals and paths, and this places them in an uncontested position since their ideas are their own

They Understand the Power of Leveraging Other People’s Abilities


While A and B students strive to do everything themselves, C students comprehend the power of teamwork. Consequently, they build a team of talented people around them who counterbalance their weakness.


They Are More Dedicated To Self-Directed Learning


On the contrary, C students love to learn; they just prefer to determine the direction of their learning for themselves. They explore and discover on their own; they jump into their passions. Also, by not being perfectionists, they can try, fail and not give up.



March 28, 2017

Kansas Supreme Court Wants More Spent on Education

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There has been a great debate raging in Kansas about how much taxpayer money should be devoted to public education. A ruling was recently handed down by the Kansas Supreme Court which stated that the current amount of public education spending was much too lower according to the state’s constitution. Governor Sam Brownback has been trying to cut the amount spent on public education for quite some time. Therefore, this ruling did not make him very happy. However, he has vowed to continue his attempts to cut taxes in a wide variety of areas.


The court cited the low amount of spending had a severe impact on the educations received by students who are poor, Hispanic or black. The evidence that they mentioned in their ruling was the low graduation rates and bad test scores in these demographics throughout the entire state of Kansas. A deadline of June 30th was set by the court for new public education funding methods to be created. It remains to be see where lawmakers will get the money needed to appease the court’s latest ruling.


One of the things that was interestingly left out of the court’s ruling was the specific amount of money that they require to be directed to the state’s public schools. However, even a tiny amount will be tough to scrape together at this point. The budget in Kansas currently is well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Needless to say, directing an amount of money to public schools that will have a meaningful impact will be a tough challenge for even the wisest of lawmakers.


Governor Brownback’s administration was been based on cutting taxes. This approach has put him at odds with his fellow Republicans. Only time will tell if he will keep going down the same path when even people in his own party are no longer supporting him.

March 27, 2017

Glass-Blowing School Provides Free Classes To Veterans with PTSD

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The Tulsa Glassblowing School is offering a free six-week long class to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The school, which was established in 2007, accepts students of all skill levels ranging from novice to advanced. Only one other glass-blowing school in the country offers free classes to veterans.


One student, Justin Schultz, described the difficulties of living with PTSD: “The thing about PTSD is there’s no medication that you can take for that, and it’s actually one of the few disorders that gets worse in time and doesn’t actually get better.”


PTSD is a psychological disorder that a patient develops after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event. Common causes of PTSD include natural disasters, sexual assault and military combat. The condition can last for years and is notoriously difficult to treat.


Schultz was in the Air Force for ten years and served multiple tours of duty overseas. He has struggled with adjusting to civilian life ever since he left the Air Force. Glassblowing provides him with a release from the stress caused by his condition.


Another student, Matthew Engelbach, formerly of the Marine Corps, has compared glassblowing to meditation. He commented, “You’ve forgotten about everything else that’s going on around you.” He attends the class twice a week and claims it relieves his anxiety.


The veterans are drawn by both the potential danger inherent in working with hot glass and the opportunity to create something beautiful.


The school will exhibit its students’ efforts in a veterans’ art show on May 25. Visitors may buy some of the glass, and the proceeds will go to funding the school’s veterans program.



March 26, 2017

Why Brian Bonar is a One of a Kind Finance Executive

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Brian Bonar has established a good reputation in the financial sector due to his vast experience and expertise. For this reason, he has become a popular finance executive. Bonar boasts of a suite of specialties including mergers and acquisitions. As an engineer, he is able to approach life situations with a creative mind, which has significantly helped him to scale the corporate ladder.

In 2010, Brian Bonar made headlines by scooping the Executive of the Year in Finance in the prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who annual awards. This feat acknowledged Bonar’s effort and hard work. A selection committee from Cambridge chooses two males and two females as the eligible candidates for the honor. The committee reaches its verdict after looking at various aspects such as professional achievements, leadership skills and academic accomplishments.

Having been in the financial sector for more than 30 years of his life, Bonar is a man with a wealth of knowledge regarding finance matters. In fact, this level of experience and knowledge is attributed to the reputation that Dalrada Financial enjoys currently.

Dalrada Financial Group

Dalrada Financial Group has created a name for itself, especially in the provision of employee programs for varying companies countrywide. Under the leadership of Brian Bonar, it has accomplished a lot through customizing services that include business process outsourcing, finance and insurance.

He assisted many clients in protecting their assets and managing their finances. Additionally, Bonar is acknowledged not only for the company’s growth but also its dedication to offering business with high-quality aftermarket products.

Work Experience

Aside from being the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, Bonar is the current chairman and CEO of Trucept Inc. Bonar began his career at IBM working as the company’s procurement manager. Later on, he moved to QMS where he worked as the director of engineering from 1985 to 1989. In June 1989, Bonar became the vice president of sales and marketing for Rastek Corporation.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar also boasts of sales experience, which he acquired from Adaptec where he worked as the sales manager. He also founded his own company called Bezier Systems. Bezier is recognized for developing the first ever SCSI-based printer. Furthermore, Bonar worked for other companies before joining Dalrada. Some of these companies include ITEC Imaging Technologies, Allegiant Professional Business Services and AMS Outsourcing.

A considerable portion of what Bonar has achieved throughout his life and career can be owned to his excellent education background. Brian is an alumnus of James Watt Technical College where he attained his undergraduate degree in technical engineering.

Later on, he graduated from Staffordshire University with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Brian Bonar also holds a Ph.D. from Staffordshire University. Combining this level of education with his considerable work experience makes Bonar an outstanding finance executive.

March 25, 2017

Florida Ranks Number One In Nation For Higher Education

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The United States News and World Report has released their list of best states for higher education. Florida tops the list. There are several reasons that Florida topped the list. Florida’s universities and colleges have relatively low tuition rates, which is one of the reasons that the state came in first place on the list. Florida also topped the list because over 50 percent of the students who enroll in a two-year program complete it within three years.

Rick Scott, who is the governor of Florida, has been trying to make changes to the educational system. The Florida Senate also wants to make changes to the educational system. They want to increase financial aid for students. They also want to increase pay for faculty. Marshall Criser III is the chancellor of the University system in the state. He has stated that the changes inspire people to further improve the educational system in the state.

Florida is also home to some of the best colleges in the country. Florida State University and The University of Florida frequently top the list of U.S. News And World Report’s best public universities as well as numerous other publications.

Additionally, Florida’s average college debt is lower than the national average. In 2014, the national college debt average was $30,000. In Florida, the average college debt is $23,379. This is 24 percent lower than the national average in the United States. Fifty-three percent of students in Florida graduate with debt. Sixty-eight percent of college graduates in the U.S. have debt when they graduate.

March 25, 2017

Are You A C Student? Congratulations!

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There’s a new way of thinking about education, and that’s the value of being a C student. A C student? Isn’t that a bad thing? Not at all, and here’s why.

C students are not paying attention in class because they’ve already decided what they want to do. They’re planning how to make it happen. They’re working out ideas for inventions, startup businesses, artistic endeavors. They’re the dreamers who’ll ultimately succeed in life.

C students don’t waste time. They learn enough to pass, and then spend their time more productively on their future. They know that once the water is boiled, boiling it longer will not make it more boiled. So they don’t put more energy into things than is required; they’re efficient and focused.

C students know that perfectionism leads to procrastination and stifles production. They won’t waste time trying to get an A when a C will do. They’d rather learn from their mistakes and get results. This is frowned on in school, but key to success in life.

C students don’t buy into the academic model. They know there are many effective ways to learn. They see the flaws in the education system, and they’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.

These are all valuable attributes in today’s job market. Schools were originally designed to produce factory workers who would follow orders and not ask questions. But today, companies need creative thinkers and innovators. More than 1/3 of American workers are now freelancers, and it’s projected that by 2020, a billion people will be working from home. The economy is now entrepreneurial-driven.

Think of Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who all dropped out of college. It looks like nowadays C stands for challenge, creativity and career.

March 13, 2017