OSI Group: A Model for Health and Safety in the Food Industry

Custom food and food product solutions are hard to come by in today’s food industry, but the OSI Group has found solutions to many of the industries top problems.

When it comes to food safety, health standards, environmental concerns, and the sustainability of food service going into the future, OSI is on the cutting edge. By implementing Arrowsight, Inc.’s third party, 24/7/365 Remote Video Auditing (RVA) services in multiple food processing facilities all over America it has really raised the bar on the standards that food companies should be looking to meet. With an already strict food safety program, the company will take it to the next level by ensuring that trailers are sealed and that specific safety measures are followed every time that food products are handled. To boot, the performance of its own employees will be monitored and feedback will be provided that will help them improve their efforts.

OSI Group has always been known as an innovative food company with research and design facilities that tailor menu ideas for each of their customers very specific needs. With an efficient process and unmatched supply chain expertise, all of OSI Group’s customers feel secure knowing that their concerns and the concerns of their clientele are a top priority. The integrity and ethical standards of OSI Group has allowed the company to bring in numerous other companies under its banner and to work together as a team on solutions for any problem that comes up.

By continuously looking for areas to improve and for growth opportunities, OSI has managed to grow into a billion dollar premier global food provider that has been named as a top 100 American company. Without its commitment to the sustainability of the planet and its strict environmental and health standards the company would of never reached this height. Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin, winner of a Global Visionary Award has promised to continue to do everything in his power to ensure that OSI is a world leader in the food industry.

March 9, 2017

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