Online Education Is Costly

Many people attend school online because they want to save money. However, online schools can be quite expensive. There was a study done by the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies that found that online schools cost just as much as on-campus schools. In many cases, online schools cost more than on-campus schools.

Production costs increase the cost of going to school online. Terri Taylor Straut and Russell Poulin were the authors of the study. They stated that the results of the study should not be surprising. There is a lot of work required in order to produce an online course. Faculty members have to be trained, online licensing software and provide around-the-clock support for students.

Terri stated that the reason people believe that online education costs less is because they do not know about all of the work that is required to produce online courses. The technology fee that students are charged are often used to cover the cost of online courses. Only 5.9 percent of students who study online pay less than those who study on-campus.

It is important to remember that while colleges have control over their fees, they do not always have control over their tuition rates. Half of the administrators stated that the state influences their tuition rates. The study authors hope that politicians and school officials will have conversations about the high cost of college. School officials and politicians should focus on cutting cost while maintaining the quality of education and making it accessible to everyone.

March 11, 2017

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