C Students Are More Successful After School and Here Is the Reason Why

During the 1800s school was intended to teach and instill obedience. However, the industrial revolution brought about large corporations that needed a set of workers who displayed obedience and never questioned directives. Over time the education system has moved from taking standardized tests to a system where all organizations require people to raise the bar of their conscious awareness. Nowadays, the world needs ‘self-authoring’ individuals and independent thinkers to take responsibility for themselves as the C student does.


They Always Question the Validity of the Academic System


Unlike the ‘yes and no’ A students, the C students are not into educational systems. These students are disruptors and will always find ways to challenge status-quo and find better ways to accomplish success.


They Prefer Not To Be Submissive


By not being passive, C students think for themselves. This way they become highly creative and come up with ideas and plans that revolutionize business sectors, innovation and the economy at large.


They Pose a Unique Definition of Success


As A and B students are secure externally through good performance, C students understand that security is only experienced internally. All external success verification is obsolete to them. Therefore, they chart their goals and paths, and this places them in an uncontested position since their ideas are their own

They Understand the Power of Leveraging Other People’s Abilities


While A and B students strive to do everything themselves, C students comprehend the power of teamwork. Consequently, they build a team of talented people around them who counterbalance their weakness.


They Are More Dedicated To Self-Directed Learning


On the contrary, C students love to learn; they just prefer to determine the direction of their learning for themselves. They explore and discover on their own; they jump into their passions. Also, by not being perfectionists, they can try, fail and not give up.



March 28, 2017

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