Republicans Attempt to Destroy Department of Education

A lot of people worldwide have criticized President Donald Trump for selecting Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education. Some critics have believed that he chose someone who has zero experience with public schools because she wouldn’t be needed for long, and that he and Republicans have been planning to eliminate the entire agency.


While the media filled the air waves, newspapers and websites in early February with stories about the president asking for prayers for Arnold Schwarzenegger because of low “The Celebrity Apprentice” ratings, DAPL protests and the Trump campaign’s and administration’s ties to Russia, the Republicans were quietly submitting bills for consideration, including the little heard of H.R. 899. On February 7, 2017, Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky submitted a bill designed to “abolish” the Department of Education by December 31, 2018. The bill was co-sponsored by Republicans from mostly rural and/or heavily conservative states.


Massie claims that the Department of Education fails to take into account the educational desires of parents and local community and state leaders. Critics have pointed out that his argument is an old conservative one that mostly stems from white conservative dislike of certain topics being taught in classrooms, including sexual education and acceptance and inclusion of certain types of people like POC and members of the LGBT+ community.


Many educators argue that without the Department of Education, a lot of children in rural and inner city areas will fail to receive the level of education needed to succeed globally and with diverse groups. Additionally, countries that have national, centralized systems often produce better student achievement outcomes. Some conspiracy theorists and critics have argued that the Republicans are trying to create an even less-educated rural and inner city workforce to fill intensive labor jobs traditionally filled by migrants and illegal immigrants.

March 29, 2017

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