Pupils with Special Needs

A person with special needs is one who is affected by a chronic health condition, is at a social disadvantage or has a physical impediment. These pupils often require special conditions of learning so as to reach their potential.


Students affected by chronic health conditions are often taught at home. Homeschooling ensures that they can learn relevant information at their pace. However, special conditions can be created at a regular school for such pupils where a section of the classroom is set aside for these students preferably if the school meets the conditions which may include a healthcare expert and a school dispensary.


Pupils that have a physical impediment also have special schools where special education tools are used and experts are also brought in to teach them. These tools and experts vary depending on the physical impairment. For instance, a school for the blind will have tools such as Braille while a school for the deaf will have visual aids. These pupils can access information that equips them with knowledge on how to understand their surroundings and become prominent people.


Socially disadvantaged students require special conditions depending on their social predicament. For example, children in juvenile correctional facilities are provided with a literacy program where they are taught how to read and write. Children in other social institutions like group homes also get the special education they need from those who care for them and their teachers.


Educating pupils with special needs promotes equality in that they are able to compete with others who lack these needs. It is, therefore, crucial that students with special needs are not neglected and are provided with the necessary resources such as funding and facilities to ensure that they can be part of the society.



March 30, 2017

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