The Three Hunkiest Heads of State in the World


The United States finds itself in the unique position of being sandwiched between the two countries with arguably the two hottest heads of state in the world.


To the north, Canada is helmed by hot politician Justin Trudeau, a man so handsome that if his career in politics doesn’t work out, Hollywood might come calling. With his curly black hair and dimpled smile, the twinkle-eyed 45-year-old Prime Minister doesn’t look a day over 30 – and women worldwide just can’t stop gazing at him.


To the south of the U.S., Mexico is led by the Latin hunk Enrique Peña Nieto who could easily play lead in those notoriously naughty Spanish soap operas. Distinguished and handsome, President Nieto dark hair displays just a touch of gray which enhances a face so suave, stately and stylish, the women of Mexico probably vote for him just to keep him in the public eye.


Heading overseas, Iceland is known for its striking blond, blue-eyed Nordic people, but Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has dark brown hair over his own set of smoldering Icelandic blue eyes — creating a face that could easily land him a gig as a GQ cover model.  He’s also really popular on black people Twitter.


Interestingly, Benediktsson stirred controversy recently when it was discovered that he had registered on Ashley Madison, a website for extramarital affairs choosing the username of “IceHot1.” He didn’t get into trouble with his wife, however – because she registered on the site too, citing what she called, “curiosity!”

April 3, 2017

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