Trump Budget: Military and Border Wall Win and Education Loses

The education budget proposed by the Trump Administration, that has supposedly been designed to partially pay for a proposed military ramp up and/or border wall, would result in huge cuts to important education programs. As reported on March 29, 2017 by MLive, the cuts would slash a horrifying 13 percent, approximately $9 billion, of the total budget for the Department of Education.

Many of the cuts decrease critical professional development programs for teachers and after school programs that benefit students in general and especially students from certain demographics. For example, teachers and school administrators have noted that these cuts would hurt the poorest students the most by diminishing training to educators and the number and length of after school programs. These are proven methods for improving achievement and success among poor children.

The dollar amount for these cuts represents only a small amount of the $54 billion proposed by Trump for defense spending, but more than two-thirds of the proposed budget for the border wall construction. In other words, these cuts would take money from a part of the government that helps future generations to succeed and put them in one or two other areas that have been called “unnecessary” by experts. The United States has one of the largest armies in the world with more weapons then many other countries with similar-sized armies. Additionally, illegal immigrants, drug runners and others that Republicans have stated a border wall would stop have proven repeatedly that they can climb over and tunnel under walls and fences without being caught by border patrols. A border wall to the south of the nation might also increase nighttime attempts to access the country via water instead of land in the Gulf of Mexico and along the West Coast resulting in more on-the-water accidents and unnecessary loss of life.

Many critics of the cuts and of the proposed spending measures are concerned that the cuts are merely the first stage of a strategy designed to destroy the Department of Education entirely. Conservatives have repeatedly stated that they don’t feel that it’s a necessary government entity.

April 27, 2017

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