Andrew Rolfe Redefines Non-Profit Operational Standards

Running a non-profit or other charitable organization is no easy feat, in addition to the difficulty of helping people often placed within awful and deplorable situations, non-profits must contend with many of the same things that other business must take into account to remain operational. Things like paying for the training of field agents, operational costs such as employee salaries and leases, and logistics are added to the task of ensuring that those in need receive the aid they so desperately need. Unlike their counterparts in the private sector, non-profits have many restrictions that must be adhered to ensure the organization is able to maintain its non-profit status. These restrictions are inherent parts of running a non-profit and at times unavoidable but a more detrimental set of restrictions often stifles the ability of non-profits, those set upon the organizations by donors in the form of grant restrictions and time limits.


Andrew Rolfe Seeks To Help More Families with the Ubuntu Fund


Restrictions set in place by donors are not a new thing to hit the non-profit sector, for almost as long as such entities have existed donors have set restrictions on funds and grants. These restrictions, though made with good intentions and certainly not willingly created to hamper non-profits, in the form of spending guidelines and time restraints often severely impair a non-profit’s ability to expand and at times even function. By setting restrictions donors are often unwittingly causing non-profits to face operational hardships as money that is needed to expand and grow often is unavailable when donor’s grants can only be put towards only one aspect of a non-profit.


Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board for the Ubuntu Fund realized that although they were regularly receiving grants and donations, much of that money was not going towards sustaining the organization’s ability to expand and in turn help more people.


In response, Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund have sought to redefine the non-profit sector by actively seeking sponsorship from donors that understand the new climate non-profits operate in.


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April 28, 2017

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