Donates $50 Million to Nonprofits Aiming at Equal Education Access

According to a report published on, the philanthropic arm of the search giant, 74% of students internationally have access to little or no internet connection. Over 221 million of students in school are instructed in a foreign language whereas about 32 million primary-going children cannot reach the conventional classrooms due to displacement and violet conflict.

Google’s Donation to Enable Equal Access to Education pledged to donate $50 million to the education tech non-profits working hard to ensure children all over the world get equal access to formal education. This grant will be in form of money and other in-kind services from the search giant. It will boost the efforts of support organizations working hard to ensure quality teacher training and educational materials are available to students in most developing nations. They will also assist students in countries facing crisis keep up with their education.

Apart from the cash donations, the search giant will also provide these organizations with expertise in various areas like transliteration and translation, data analytics, user experience design, creating offline functionality etc. Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink, the international education portfolio lead at, announced the grants via a blog post. She stated that Google believes that every student deserves the right to get quality education. Google also believes that technology has the capacity to play an important role in ensuring better learning environments. However, this can only be possible if both the learners and their teachers benefit from it.

List of the Grantees

According to the report, a number of grantees were set to benefit from the cash donation. The Foundation for Learning Equality got a $5 million grant to take digital content offline to help students without internet connectivity by using local servers and thumb drives. War Child Holland received $2 million. It provides an educational game based on the nation’s curriculum standards. It aims to allow children cut off from school by conflict to keep up with their education even with the absence of schools and teachers. Other grantees were the Khan Academy ($5 million), Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver ($3.6 million), Clooney Foundation for Justice ($1 million), Million Sparks Foundation ($1.2 million) and Pratham Education Foundation ($3.1 million).

April 29, 2017

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