Betsy Devos Continues with her Fight for the American Education

Just some few days ago, US secretary of education Betsy Devos was cornered into a wall by the Trump administration to go along with rescinding of the Bathroom Bill. Betsy had initially opposed these changes but was told to either go along with the changes or to quit. She, however, was reminded that it was the president’s responsibility to make these tough choices. Following her support, Betsy Devos was chased by protesters on the street urging her to fight as she had promised. However, before agreeing with the president, she asked for reassurance that students would be allowed to learn freely in a safe environment that is free from harassment. Betsy Devos expressed her dissatisfaction about this issue with the attorney general before being summoned to the White House.

In the White House summon, the secretary of education was quick to remind the president that they had sworn to protect American students and it was their responsibility to fulfill the promise. Betsy Devos held some earlier beliefs that the best way to protect a transgender is allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice. She further says that bathrooms are more than a place where teenagers go to answer the call of nature. Instead, Betsy Devos describes it as a place where kids can gossip and interact. Depriving kids of this right is a form of community stigmatization. This came at a time when Betsy Devos expressed her concern about the number of suicides being carried out by transgender children.

According to research conducted on American children attending public schools, the kids who receive the support of friends and families cannot suffer from depression originating from being transgender. Despite the setback, Betsy Devos continues with her dedication to changing the American education. Betsy Devos and Dick Devos make huge donations that are geared towards helping shape the American education.

April 30, 2017

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