Orthopaedic Surgery Through The Eyes Of Gregory Finch

Achilles tendon rupture is one of the many orthopaedic procedures. Once your tendon ruptures, you feel a snap which is accompanied by a sharp pain in one’s lower leg, particularly the back of one’s ankle. Surgery is the best way to repair this as it becomes impossible to walk without pain and exertion.


Joint Replacement


Joint replacement is another common orthopaedic procedure. In this procedure, patients diagnosed with serious arthritis problems undergo surgery to relief the pain. This operation helps to ease movement in the patient by replacing the joint parts with metal and plastic surfaces so as to restore normal function of the knee and movement.


Spine Surgery


Spine surgery is the result of intermittent or incessant back pain. Spinal Fusion is one of the surgeries associated with the back. It is surgery done to join spinal bones: vertebrae. Risks associated with this surgery include: failed fusion, blood clots, nerve injury, infection and graft rejection.


During this operation, anesthesia is used while the surgeon cuts above one’s pelvic bone to get a portion of it for bone graft preparation. The bone graft might be sourced elsewhere: synthetic bone or from a bone bank. The graft is put between the vertebrae and plates, rods or screws are used to join the vertebrae. In order to heal well, patients need to relax and avoid physically exerting acts.


Gregory Finch


Gregory Finch is a specialist in the area of spinal surgery. He is also a pediatric orthopaedics doctor and a surgeon in trauma surgery. After getting his license, Gregory Finch worked for two years with leading spine surgeons in USA, Germany and UK. Gregory’s area is minimal invasive surgery although he can also conduct any spinal related surgery.


Professional Affiliations


Gregory Finch is a registered member of the Spine Society of Australia. He has also registered with North American Spine Society (NASS). He is also a member of the Australian Orthopaedic Association.

May 12, 2017

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