When It Comes to Homework, One Mom Has Had Enough

While many believe that schools assign too little homework, blogger and mother Bunmi Laditan has had more than enough of it. In an email written to her child’s school, Laditan expresses exasperation at its homework regimen and its negative effects on her ten-year old daughter Maya.


She begins her email in no uncertain terms: “My kid is done with homework.” Lest you think that Laditan overstates her case or thinks that her child doesn’t need to succeed let her passionate tone convince you otherwise.


After listing a rather impressive list of her daughter’s intellectual interests and pursuits, she then asks why the school requires two to three hours a night. She criticizes the school’s turning her daughter into a “junior workaholic” instead of allowing Maya to spend time with her family and friends after a full day of school.


Her Facebook post has garnered 55, 000 likes from parents and educators alike. Her letter ends with the salutation “warmly” and it is not just a measure of politeness. Her email resonates because it reads as if it’s from a loving mother. She is genuinely concerned about the stress excessive homework is causing her daughter. “Work is not life,” she writes. Laditan strikes a chord with her audience because every parent knows how quickly the years pass.


Considering that Maya seems like an intelligent, hard-working student, Mom has a valid point. As she admits, education is important but a happy, relaxed child is more important; “My kid needs to be a kid.”

May 19, 2017

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