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A Court in Alabama Allows Segregation

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To those that thought school segregation was long gone, they should think again as a judge in Alabama has added petrol to the fire. The judge allowed a school that is predominantly white to leave the larger district that serves the entire state. The district is called Gardendale and is located in Birmingham, Alabama. However, the decision comes after it was revealed that composition of the district is 44 percent black and 48 percent white. The decision means that the school will only admit white children. Maybe people may have forgotten that racial segregation was abolished in the 1960s after it had plummeted the nation. However, research elsewhere has shown that segregation is on the rise and little is being done to stop the spread.


There are mixed reactions following the secession of the school with opponents crying about racial discrimination while the proponents claim that they want the best education for their loved ones now and in the future. However, regardless of the reason, on thing is as clear as day, school equality, education, and racism are things that can work together. However, this is one isolated case, and the whole society resembles this one in the United States. It’s important to note that almost 37 percent of schools in America and especially the public schools are considered as one race schools. What should also be noted is that they are either all minority or all white. Taking the state of New York as the guinea pig, it should be noted that most black students attend schools that are entirely minority.


Experts and critics of segregation feel that there is no good reason to support segregation and whatever the reason, it’s a win for the racists. They also feel that all people including institution administrators should comply with the law as it is required by the constitution. Segregation is something that even the Supreme Court has refused to uphold. In the past, the Supreme Court ruled out that segregation is inherently unequal.



June 30, 2017

Philanthropists Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Applaud Recent March For Dignity In Vermont

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Although there was minimal media coverage of the event, hundreds of migrant workers and their advocates participated in a march from Montpelier, Vermont to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in nearby Waterbury. The June 17th March for Dignity was to show the company that affiliated dairy supply chain workers were serious about standing up for their rights.



What Sparked The March

The famous ice cream company’s executives claimed that they would improve both working and living conditions for affiliated supply chain workers near the Waterbury location. Although they were long overdue, the promises were not upheld. Migrant Justice was the local migrant rights group that organized the event. The American Civil Liberties Union, the Burlington Peace and Justice Center, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and several other human rights groups supported the march as well.


Dairy workers who are affiliated with the Waterbury plant have been reporting substandard working and living conditions for many years. They have cited grueling work schedules, low wages, squalid housing and dangerous work hazards as reasons for demanding change. The workers and their advocates rightly believe that such conditions being allowed to continue is out of line with the profitable company’s brand. Some of the workers live in housing quarters on nearby farms that supply the milk for the company’s ice cream products.



What Needs To Change


Supply chain workers on nearby dairy farms are demanding dignified living quarters and safer working conditions with adequate pay. The workers want Ben & Jerry’s to join the Milk with Dignity program, which advocates for fair treatment of migrant workers on dairy farms. Since the price of milk drops below the cost of production for a few months each year, corporations profit from the drop while dairy farms and their workers see nothing but reduced income.


Many major health, safety and labor laws do not apply to small farms, and the existing laws to protect workers are rarely enforced. Corporations have the ability to advocate for their supply chain workers but instead create initiatives that exclude workers. They are more focused on their own profits. Also, they could fix the problems associated with downward pressure of milk prices dropping below production costs but choose to pocket their earnings from the dip instead of allocating it to help suffering farms and workers.


Advocates say that working and living conditions cannot improve until corporations take a stand for their valuable supply chain workers, and migrant workers must work even harder to be the voices of change. They hope that the recent march of over 150 people will be a step in the right direction and that one ice cream giant joining Milk with Dignity will inspire other companies to follow.



About Lacey & Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund applaud and support the recent March for Dignity in Vermont. The two entrepreneurs donate a considerable amount of money to help migrants. They hope to further education for them and promote freedom of speech. The two men believe that migrant workers should have a powerful voice and that advocates should support them since they lack adequate pay to fund events that raise awareness of common injustices.


Before they decided to fund human, civil and migrant rights causes, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin ran Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. They have also donated large sums to federal and state democratic political funds that support migrants and human rights causes. The pair donated to over 20 charities, which they listed on their website.

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June 30, 2017

Brad Reifler -An Asset To The Financial Community

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Brad Reifler started his career when he founded Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980’s.The company maintained control over mega millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.These are accounts where the broker / agent has the power of attorney to buy and / or sell assets to be traded(certificates, stocks, bonds, etc…) without the clients’s consent(at the discretion of the broker).

Aside from managing these accounts, Reifler Trading Company also began providing institutional research, information dissemination, global derivative advisory and execution services as well.

The company became among the largest firms in futures operations. In 2000, Brad Reifler sold the firm to Refco, the world’s largest futures firm. Brad Reifler continued to excel and expand his name and reputation as a trustworthy financial professional worldwide. He is the founder of Pali Capital in 1995 with the “equity’s market” being the primary focus.

Instead of instructing the shareholders on what to buy and sell, Brad incorporated their ideas with top credit research and structure development,then taught the traders of sales how to articulate the “package” and execute it effectively. During Brad’s thirteen years with Pali Capital, their success was astonishing. The company pulled in over one million dollars in commission as income, employed over three hundred workers, and expanded the firm to having offices on four continents.

Today, Brad Reifler has his main focus on Forefront Capital,LLC. along with their subsidiaries, Forefront Advisory,LLC and Forefront Partners as their CEO. Since opening in 2009, Brad has worked tirelessly to create a firm unlike any other. Brad is able to attract top notch investment advisers, investment bankers, and business leaders in the Forefront community using their affiliate offices.

By being on Wall Street for over thirty years, Forefront has attracted influential business leaders through their vast array of relationships via the web. Brad Reifler believes that everyone should share there most important asset-relationships with others.

Brad Reifler received his Bachelor of Science Degree in History and Economics from City University of New York in 1975. Brad has an impressive skill set some of which include Leadership, Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition, Training, and Human Resources.

June 30, 2017

Homeless In College

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When you think of students and school, you probably think of children doing homework at a desk or sitting in a classroom with a snack while listening to the teacher talk about the day’s lesson. Ask someone about a typical college student and you might hear answers about dorm life or joining a sorority or fraternity. That’s only a small bit of what college life is like, and while graduating college can mean a successful career, reaching that point can mean difficulties in those two to four years from high school to the final ceremony.


Many students in college pinch pennies, use coupons and eat ramen noodles for meals because they are affordable. They look at yard sales for furniture and decorations for the dorm room. What many don’t realize is that there are college students who simply can’t make it on their own and who are homeless. They are barely making it and are struggling to have a place to study. When students don’t have a stable environment to complete homework and classwork, it can be hard to make the good grades that are needed to graduate, leaving some college students dropping out to get a job just to survive.


The HOPE Lab in Madison, Wisconsin recently interviewed students in 70 colleges across 24 states and found that about 14 percent of students are homeless. These numbers include those who live or have lived on campus and those who are attending college classes but don’t live in a dorm setting. This is a scenario that is taking place with low-income families as well as those who are considered middle-class. Some colleges keep dorms open during the summer just so that students will have somewhere to live when classes aren’t in session.


June 29, 2017

Helping Remedial College Students Succeed

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The most difficult part of college for many under-privileged students is often the very beginning. Students who do not do well enough on standardized testing frequently find themselves facing required remedial coursework before they will even be permitted the opportunity to study full time. Typically, these types of courses cause students to fail before they have even had a chance to ever truly begin. An exciting new program being pioneered at City University of New York (CUNY) looks to change this, and help remedial students succeed.


CUNY’s program, called CUNY Start, addresses the remedial needs of incoming freshman behind in math, reading, and writing. Since many of these students initially fell behind in grade school, the old methods of teaching, like rote memorization or skill and drill, aren’t effective. Instead, CUNY’s program focuses on teaching students how to investigate problems and to think in a logical manner. This in turn makes students more successsful in their future college courses by giving them problem-solving skills that will help them address a host of subjects, instead of just re-training them in basic math or reading.


The CUNY Start program also incorporates many more hours of assistance instead of just one or two remedial courses, as well as counseling. These features make it unique compared to others at schools across the nation. The extensive nature of the CUNY program has been a key reason for its success. At-risk students are supported through the process of transitioning both to college and college-level coursework. This has led to significant gains in remedial students actually going forward with their education, leading to an increase in degree completion.


Other colleges have started to notice and emulate the success of the CUNY Start program. Researchers at Berkeley, Brown, and Stanford have found that CUNY does more for its students than other schools in terms of increasing student social mobility. Other colleges have decided to embrace this new method, hoping to replicate its success.


June 28, 2017

Fun Spin On Oranges With “Sesame Street”

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“Sesame Street” has bene an educational program for children of all ages for decades. The show has taken on a few controversial subjects in recent months. One of the latest topics that the show discusses revolves around the release of the popular Netflix show, “Orange Is The New Black.”


It’s not really an entire show dedicated to the program but more like a song and short skit meant as a spoof of the show but that has fun moments for children. There are letters featured in the spoof that match the first letters of the words of the Netflix show and a message about eating healthy with oranges as the main ingredient. “Orange Is The New Snack” features Piper Snackman, a student at Litchfield Academy, who wants to get her friends to eat healthier and to take care of their bodies.


Piper is threatened with a bit of time in the shoe as she tries to coax her friends into trying new foods, but that doesn’t stop her. The music is fun to listen to, and the characters are designed to be a bit more modern than typical Sesame Street characters. Mr. Mustache is the teacher in the school who tries to keep Piper quiet about eating healthy. Some of the students in the class seem a bit odd, such as Googly Eyes. When Piper arrives in the classroom, it’s snack time as one of the students gives out cookies. Piper shows the class her orange, but the students start throwing her orange around the room. Once the students try the orange, they like the fruit and declare that it’s the new snack for the class.


June 27, 2017

Trending Topics in Technology and Education

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Education is one of the world’s oldest disciplines, the most important, and arguably one of the most widespread. As technology advances at a more rapid pace then before each day, educational methods have the chance to become more effective at teaching. Raspberry Pi and CoderDojo have joined forces to teach people how to code, a useful skill that can help people make outstanding livings one day, if pursued. Also, getting people on board with any educational effort at a young age exponentially increases the likelihood of throughly understanding it.


One thing educational programs do lack is live as-you-go programs that teach users by altering or modifying things they type and explain why, until Epigrammar recently came along. Type more cohesive sentences to friends, family, and co workers. Keep from getting lost in punctuation mix ups by having Epigrammar flex its easy to follow annotations.


Epigrammar hopes to build upon reading comprehension skills by modifying thoughts, patterns and behavior as soon as they happen and inform students of what they did wrong. Epigrammar has a number of functions that help people succeed in learning reading, whether they are younger than the recommended age group or 30 or more years older!


Another educational startup, DevMountain, teaches people coding designed specifically around their place of work. This program has turned from a candy factory into a fun place to learn coding to become a better worker.


June 26, 2017

Andrew Rolfe: An All-Rounded Person with a Great Passion for Helping Others

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Andrew Rolfe serves at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P as the Managing Director. He oversees all the investment opportunities in Europe and the U.S with the main focus on the hospitality, food service, and retail industries. Since the year 2011, he has held the position of Managing Director of USA of TowerBrook. He has been providing operational and strategic advice to the company. Before joining Towerbrook, Andrew Rolfe held the position of President at Gap’s Inc.’s International Division. While at the company, he was a member of the Executive Leadership Committee. He was responsible for the firm’s operations and strategic operations. At the same time, he was in charge of the company’s marketing division where he successfully managed the operation of more than 450 stores located in Japan, U.K., and France. Under his leadership, there were various successful launches of franchises in Malaysia and Singapore as well as the banana republic based in Japan.

In the year 2004, Andrew Rolfe served as the C.E.O & Chairman at the renowned Pret A Manger Ltd (Europe). While under his leadership, the firm experienced much growth. Other positions that he has held before include being the C.E.O of Booker Foodservice and V.P for PepsiCo Restaurants International.

Mr. Rolfe was hired for the position of Chairman for the Ubuntu Fund and chairs the board of directors for the Fund. Andrew ensures that all the donations are made to the South African children without any challenges or restrictions. His dedication, hard work, and passion for the helping other people have made an impact on the initiative.

According to Andrew Rolfe, he reveals that finding donors who are ready and willing to fund the initiative is no walk in the park! He adds that most of the donors are willing to donate under some specifications. However, the initiative has continued to receive support from various stakeholders.

Andrew Rolfe has chaired the Boards of True Religion Apparel and Beverages & More, Incorporation. Andrew enrolled at the Harvard Business School where he attained his M.B.A. He also has a B.A in Economics, Philosophy, and Politics from the prestigious Oxford University. Andrew also has an M.A. from the renowned St. Edmund Hall.


June 26, 2017

The Focus on Education

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Education is one of the most important things for any nation to look at. Many nations around the world are having trouble solving the problems in education today. Technology is moving faster than many people realize, and education in general is having a hard time keeping up with it. Now is the time for people around the world to take action at a high level.



Student Loans


One of the biggest issues with education is the cost of a college degree. There is no proprietary information that comes out of going to college. In fact, anything you learn in college can be found online for free. However, colleges are still charging high fees to go there to get a degree. This is resulting in a lot of students who graduate with record levels of student loan debt. Not only is this bad for them personally, but it is bad for the economy as well. Overall, countries need to find a way to solve this crisis in the future.



Online Learning


One of the best options for education in the future is online learning. There are a variety of online sites that set up courses for free for people who want to learn various subjects. Not only are these courses free, but they are a great way to learn a subject at your own pace. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, now is the time to take action in this area to positively impact the future.


June 25, 2017

The Life and Achievements of Betsy DeVos

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Betsy Devos or better known by her full name Elisabeth Dee Devos is a well-known Politician, Philanthropist Business Woman and Activist, that is famous for her numerous achievements as the current United States Secretary of Education. She is currently an active member of the Republican party. Betsy Devos also supports numerous school program vouchers, charter schools, and school choices, which makes her the woman that she is right now. Check this related article from New York Post.

In her early years, Betsy Devos grew up in Michigan, and took up her education at the Holland Christian High School, which is a school situated at the same town where she grew up. After high school, she took up her college education at the Grand Rapids Calvin College, where she earned her degree in arts. In her college years, she had already shown a passion for politics, she joined her school’s political movements and has been able to keep that a part of her up to this day.

Betsy Devos has also been a participant of the Church movement in North America and has also been an active member of the Hill Mars Bible Church also situated in the same area. Her family has been known to be one of Michigan’s richest, she married her husband named Richard Marvin or otherwise known as Dick DeVos, who is a well-known heir to the billion dollar fortune. Dick DeVos has also been a generous and conservative donor to many social causes and political campaigns. He was also named the Michigan Nominee for Republican Governor in 2006.

At present, Betsy Devos has upstretched a total of $150,000 personally for the Bush Campaign Re-election in 2004, as well as host a campaign in her house for Republicans in October of 2008 that was advertised by the President at the time during the Bush organization. For that presidency, she was named the chairperson for finance at the Republican Committee for a period of Two years, and has worked hand in hand with the Government on different projects.

Since it has been mentioned that Betsy Devos has also been a Philanthropist and Activist, through the years, she has contributed and opened many foundations that have been very helpful to the public like the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which was formed to help the Community, Arts, Justice, Education, and Leadership. Through this foundation alone, they were able to raise more than $11.6 Million in charitable contributions and has also made a lifetime charitable giving to $139 Million.

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Through this foundation, they have also been able to help a lot of Christian Schools, Hospitals, and Evangelical Missions by donating generous amounts of money. Betsy Devos has also been able to contribute large sums of money to other foundations which she has been known for throughout her career.

June 25, 2017