Fun Spin On Oranges With “Sesame Street”

“Sesame Street” has bene an educational program for children of all ages for decades. The show has taken on a few controversial subjects in recent months. One of the latest topics that the show discusses revolves around the release of the popular Netflix show, “Orange Is The New Black.”


It’s not really an entire show dedicated to the program but more like a song and short skit meant as a spoof of the show but that has fun moments for children. There are letters featured in the spoof that match the first letters of the words of the Netflix show and a message about eating healthy with oranges as the main ingredient. “Orange Is The New Snack” features Piper Snackman, a student at Litchfield Academy, who wants to get her friends to eat healthier and to take care of their bodies.


Piper is threatened with a bit of time in the shoe as she tries to coax her friends into trying new foods, but that doesn’t stop her. The music is fun to listen to, and the characters are designed to be a bit more modern than typical Sesame Street characters. Mr. Mustache is the teacher in the school who tries to keep Piper quiet about eating healthy. Some of the students in the class seem a bit odd, such as Googly Eyes. When Piper arrives in the classroom, it’s snack time as one of the students gives out cookies. Piper shows the class her orange, but the students start throwing her orange around the room. Once the students try the orange, they like the fruit and declare that it’s the new snack for the class.


June 27, 2017

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