Homeless In College

When you think of students and school, you probably think of children doing homework at a desk or sitting in a classroom with a snack while listening to the teacher talk about the day’s lesson. Ask someone about a typical college student and you might hear answers about dorm life or joining a sorority or fraternity. That’s only a small bit of what college life is like, and while graduating college can mean a successful career, reaching that point can mean difficulties in those two to four years from high school to the final ceremony.


Many students in college pinch pennies, use coupons and eat ramen noodles for meals because they are affordable. They look at yard sales for furniture and decorations for the dorm room. What many don’t realize is that there are college students who simply can’t make it on their own and who are homeless. They are barely making it and are struggling to have a place to study. When students don’t have a stable environment to complete homework and classwork, it can be hard to make the good grades that are needed to graduate, leaving some college students dropping out to get a job just to survive.


The HOPE Lab in Madison, Wisconsin recently interviewed students in 70 colleges across 24 states and found that about 14 percent of students are homeless. These numbers include those who live or have lived on campus and those who are attending college classes but don’t live in a dorm setting. This is a scenario that is taking place with low-income families as well as those who are considered middle-class. Some colleges keep dorms open during the summer just so that students will have somewhere to live when classes aren’t in session.


June 29, 2017

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