A Court in Alabama Allows Segregation

To those that thought school segregation was long gone, they should think again as a judge in Alabama has added petrol to the fire. The judge allowed a school that is predominantly white to leave the larger district that serves the entire state. The district is called Gardendale and is located in Birmingham, Alabama. However, the decision comes after it was revealed that composition of the district is 44 percent black and 48 percent white. The decision means that the school will only admit white children. Maybe people may have forgotten that racial segregation was abolished in the 1960s after it had plummeted the nation. However, research elsewhere has shown that segregation is on the rise and little is being done to stop the spread.


There are mixed reactions following the secession of the school with opponents crying about racial discrimination while the proponents claim that they want the best education for their loved ones now and in the future. However, regardless of the reason, on thing is as clear as day, school equality, education, and racism are things that can work together. However, this is one isolated case, and the whole society resembles this one in the United States. It’s important to note that almost 37 percent of schools in America and especially the public schools are considered as one race schools. What should also be noted is that they are either all minority or all white. Taking the state of New York as the guinea pig, it should be noted that most black students attend schools that are entirely minority.


Experts and critics of segregation feel that there is no good reason to support segregation and whatever the reason, it’s a win for the racists. They also feel that all people including institution administrators should comply with the law as it is required by the constitution. Segregation is something that even the Supreme Court has refused to uphold. In the past, the Supreme Court ruled out that segregation is inherently unequal.



June 30, 2017

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