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Susan McGalla Rises as Marketing Expert and Business Leader

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Susan McGalla is definitely changing the way that women look at the careers that are available in marketing. Susan has a degree in marketing, and this has taken her too many great positions in the corporate world. She has been able to sustain herself as a brand-building expert, and her skills have been shown in many different business Industries. She has worked in the clothing industry for many years and this is where she rose to the prestigious position of a CEO twice.

In her current role Susan McGalla took on a role as a branding expert for a football team. The fact that she has been able to land such a high-level position for revamping the clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers is further proof that her branding expertise is valuable.

This is a type of business role that is usually reserved for men, but Susan has proven that she can do the same type of quality work that men are capable of when it comes to building a brand.

Susan McGalla has definitely proven that she is one of the best when it comes to building a brand, but that is not the only place where she excels. Susan has also shown that she knows how to lead. In her roles as a CEO for clothing companies like American Eagle Susan was able to get people to follow her lead. She knows how to conduct business deals, and she know where she needed to focus in order to make American Eagle successful. Over the years she has proven that she can totally transform the way a company functions. This is good for any companies that may have issues with the employees and the leadership strategies. Susan has proven over the years that a company can be successful if the right strategies are put in place to maximize the potential for revenue. With American Eagle the board of directors were elated about the marketing strategies that she put in place. The company rose to become one of the most popular companies for teenagers and young adults during her reign.


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July 19, 2017

Jens and The Brazilian Sanitation Revolution

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Jens and The Brazilian Sanitation Revolution

The Brazilian government recently announced a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (better known as BNDES). This partnership will strive to finance operations that improve basic sanitation throughout the country. It will also effectively improve the management and reduction of the levels of waste. One big waste-related management issue that will take priority is the issue of water loss.

BNDES has access to advanced technology which will doubtlessly be a huge help in this project. The partnership will align the services with the needs of the public. Their work will be regularly inspected by public agencies so that they will remain accountable to the public at large. One individual highly involved in these proceedings is Felipe Montoro Jens, a principal at H2olmos, Maranon Energia SA, and Peru Inversiones En Infraestructura SA. He also serves as Executive Officer for a number of Brazilian companies: AC Energia SA, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA, and Concesionaria Travase. He also maintains miscellaneous other administrative and board roles with a number of other companies.


Jens is clearly an extremely busy man and has been ever since entering the business world. He is native to Brazil, having been born there is 1970. As a college student, he attended Getulio Vargas Foundation for his undergraduate studies followed by The Thunderbird Global Management for his graduate studies. During these years he earned degrees in Spanish, History, and Management. He has long been at the forefront of Brazilian business. He was also among the first and has remained the most vocal about the government and BNDES partnership. He has long been a proponent of improving the Brazilian sanitation system. One of the roles of BNDES, will be the development of customized plans for private agencies. These will be based on surveys that are done in the areas involved.

July 15, 2017

An Encounter with Greg Secker of Learn to Trade

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Greg Secker is a remarkably self-made entrepreneur serving in a wide range of areas. Apart from being a renowned businessman, Greg is also famously known for his articulacy in international speaking and philanthropic endeavors. On an interview with Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO, Greg disclosed the philosophy that guides him. His attitude portrays him as a “why not guy” and not as a “”why guy. Precisely, he dares penetrate even the deepest of depths. He says that although he pursued a bachelor’s in agriculture and food sciences, he dedicated quality time to selling computers, an endeavor that opened his eyes to interacting with computers through coding and programming.

Understand how Greg Ended Up in Finance Sector

As it is, Greg Secker advises people on attaining financial freedom through foreign exchange markets. It all started when he went to a job fair and encountered some guy on a Thomas Cook Financial Services desk. It happened that they had something in common; both were computer geeks. They made plans, and Greg was scheduled for an interview, which he passed. On getting employed, it did not take long before Mr. Secker was introduced to developing Virtual Trading Desk. He successfully designed the first ever online trading platform, which again, opened him an opportunity to engage with several traders. He could even develop them user-friendly programs to guide their online initiatives.

Greg Secker as a Generous Contributor

Greg is an amazing humanitarian. He sticks to the idea that a small act of compassion can significantly impact hundreds of lives. He influences charitable endeavors through his non-profit organization, The Greg Secker Foundation, which strives to improve the lives of children across the globe. Their primary objective is to equip young people with all the tools necessary for their success. The Greg Secker Foundation takes care of all their beneficiaries’ issues including emotional, mental, education, and general life issues that contribute to their wholesome growth. It was always in his dreams to impact lives and leave a legacy. From time to time, they engage their students in profitable events and also build homes for homeless children.

July 8, 2017

Changing Homework For The Better

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When your child comes home with an assignment from school that you think is inappropriate, what can you do but change it like one mother did? Lynne Polvino was looking over her 6-year-old daughter’s homework one night like she always does when she noticed that a word passage was a problem. She posted pictures of the original and the edited homework assignment on Facebook for other parents and teachers to see.


The assignment was to write a story about a girl named Lisa. Blanks were left in the sentences with three words to choose from with the student making the choice of which word fit best. The title of the story was “Back To Work.” The story started with a normal situation of a girl who didn’t want her mother to go back to work after being at home. Everyone was rushing to get to work and school on time, and Lisa had a bad day because she felt neglected. Lisa’s dad made breakfast, which wasn’t very good. The story ends with Lisa feeling better because her mother can get off early to pick her up from school at the end of the day.


Lynne looked at the story as the writer trying to tell children that it’s a bad thing for both parents to work outside the home. It also suggests that fathers can’t do household chores. Lynne’s version of the story is about Lisa’s mother going back to work after being out for maternity leave. She gave descriptions about the father making a good breakfast and everything running smoothly in the home while the mother took care of Lisa’s baby brother. This is an example of a parent taking the education of the child into her own hands.


July 6, 2017

Vouchers Helping Students

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Some parents may think that any kind of school voucher is a bad thing as it takes money away from taxpayers while others believe that a voucher can help students who come from families who can’t get everything that is needed for even a minimal education. When you talk to a middle school student about the difference between a fact and an opinion, most of them can give you a pretty good definition of each word. A fact is something that you can prove. Some facts don’t need truth behind them as long as the information can be proven.


An opinion is something that can’t be proven and is a statement that someone develops from thoughts and feelings. While facts and opinions are different, one is no less important than the other. The government has given information to the country about events that it claims to be fact when the information can’t always be proven, such as the Bowling Green Massacre.


One of the truths that the government wants people to believe is that President Donald Trump wants to increase the number of vouchers that are given to students to assist in all aspects of their education. Federal money can then be spent on private and charter schools so that they can be a success. The students who attend private schools don’t have the same types of classes as those who attend public schools, and the environment is different. Many want to believe that the vouchers are meant for helping students instead of hurting them, but it could also be a way to get more parents to look into private schools to send more money to the federal government.


July 5, 2017

Felipe Montoro Jens Gives His Inputs on Combating Sanitation Issue in Brazil

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Many developing nations are coming out with new and creative ways to fight the problem of sanitation. Brazil has for long been trying to eradicate issues of sanitation from the country to no avail. It is for this reason; the Brazilian Government recently declared it is collaborating with the National Bank for Social and Economic Development to provide grants through the BNDES Program to local bodies that are active in the area of sanitation to empower themselves with resources necessary to combat the problem of sanitation proactively.



Edison Carlos who heads Trata Brasil, one of the most renowned companies in the field of Sanitation, said that the government should be looking into engaging the private sector enterprises to combat the issue of sanitation as that would ensure quick results. Felipe Montoro Jens is regarded as one of the most brilliant infrastructure experts in Brazil, and he also welcomed the government’s decision to give concessions but also said that giving part of the responsibility to fight sanitation problem to the private sector would help in providing a long-term solution.



As per the reports, over ninety percent of the sanitation management in the country is managed by the public sector, and the involvement of the private sector is very less. Felipe Montoro Jens said that fighting the issue of sanitation needs to be systematic and the private sector has firms that can develop effective plans to provide long-term solutions to the problem of sanitation.



Felipe Montoro Jens is the CEO of Energipar Captacao SA and is also associated with many other companies. Felipe Montoro Jens has graduated from one of the most prestigious institutions in Brazil, Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe Montoro Jens has studied business management from the world-renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is also on the board of many other national and multi-national companies.



July 5, 2017

Transforming of the Education Sector by Silicon Valley

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While everyone else is complaining about the state of education in America, there are billionaires in Silicon Valley who are dedicating their money and efforts to changing the system. For instance, the chief executive officer of a company called SalesForce, Marc Benioff, is offering innovation grants in the state of California. Each middle school principal is being given $100,000 that is meant to spur innovation and produce future leaders. Other than California, big companies and rich people are also changing the face of American Education. Another example of this initiative is the Netflix initiative by their chief executive officer Reed Hastings. The initiative is geared towards establishing a math-teaching program that will change the perception of the subject from students.


Facebook, through its chief executive officer and founder, Marc Zuckerberg is also trying to change the American education. The social media giant is currently involved with more than 100 schools in America where they are trying to design software that will be used to decide which lessons students want to learn.  A recent article in the New York Times revealed that the money donated by these institutions to schools is being used to influence the lessons and subjects that the students want to study. In a broader aspect, they are helping change the fundamental approach used in many schools.


Many of these companies believe that the change in the American education lies in applying an engineering mindset. Experts say that schools need to try these methodologies owing that automation and artificial intelligence are changing the view of many things. Also, the rate at which these changes are being implemented does not allow for public scrutiny. While these companies may be looking for something in return, the American students who commit to these programs are likely to benefit more.


July 4, 2017

Kate Hudson Taking on Another Business For Fashion With Fabletics

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When it comes to business success, there is one thing that the business owner has to consider. This is the competition. Every successful industry is going to have competition. Therefore, if one wants to have a part of the success, then she is going to have to make sure that she is aware of the competition in the market. In the case of Kate Hudson, she was aware of the type of competition that she was faced with in fashion. Given that she is very passionate about putting an outfit together, she is also interested in the types of styles that could come.


One thing that excites Kate Hudson is the different types of cuts and fits that come with clothing for different body types. She loves when there is a lot of variety to come with the clothing. One thing that she sees with variety is that this allows people to find their own style and signature look that they enjoy. This is one of the reasons that she has taken on the activewear portion of the fashion industry. She has seen that there is a limit to the diversity of items that are available. Therefore, she has taken the time to make sure that there is something for people that are into the athletic lifestyle.


When Kate Hudson has put together Fabletics, she has done it with the intention of bringing something new to the customers so that they will have something to be excited about when it comes to the clothes that they have. Therefore, she has made sure that she has brought forth a ton of different items that not only look very stylish, but could also be used to enhance a workout so that people could have an easier time building and sculpting their bodies.


A lot of thought has gone into Fabletics to the point that it is turning out to be a formidable competitor to other fashion companies. One company that Fabletics is getting ready to take on is the general merchandise e-tailor, Amazon. This company is not only one of the most successful online sellers, but it has succeeded in the fashion industry as well. It has more than 20% of the industry. Therefore, outdoing Amazon would be quite an achievement for the stylish activewear retailer. One of the best ways that it is going to achieve that is by bringing forth creativity.

July 4, 2017

How to Save for Education Costs

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Going to college is a major necessity in order to have professional success in many different fields. While going to college is very important, it is also rapidly increasing in costs. While the cost of four years at public colleges is rapidly approaching $100,000, and private education can cost double that amount, the ability to pay is reducing. To ensure that their kids are not left iwth a lot of student loan debt after college, many parents are choosing to find ways to save for their child’s education. A recent news story was released to provide tips on how to save for college costs (


The article pointed out that one of the main accounts to take advantage of when you are trying to save for college is a 529 account. A 529 account is a tax-advantaged savings account that can help you build a nest egg. The main advantage of a 529 is that your investments can grow without tax penalty. Furthermore, many states provide savers with a state tax deduction. However, if you were to withdraw your funds from the account for anything other than education costs, you could be hit with a major penalty.


Since the 529 accounts are not very flexible in terms of taking money out, it would be wise to consider other options as well. One of the other options to consider is investing in a Roth IRA. A Roth IRA is designed to be used as a retirement account, but could technically be used to invest in education costs as well. Roth IRA contributions are tax deductible on federal taxes in some situations, which can provide you with an immediate positive return on your investment. Furthermore, there are many more ways to withdraw your funds, including education costs, without suffering a financial penalty.


July 3, 2017

Students Posting On Social Media

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If you’ve seen a teenager lately, then you’ve probably seen some kind of phone or electronic in the hand of that teenager. There are a few things that you might be surprised to learn about teens and social media. Just recently, Harvard rescinded the invitation for 10 students to join the campus because of content that was posted on social media that was deemed inappropriate. Everything from sexual content to images that mocked groups in the minority was displayed. Some parents are surprised at how teens can get by with posting these images while others aren’t surprised at all because parents have no clue as to what is posted on social media.


Memes are a popular way for teens to post how they feel and what they are thinking with friends on social media. Some of the content is tame and often fun to watch. There are also memes that can get teens into a good bit of trouble with either parents or school officials. This is why it’s important for parents to monitor the content that teens share online. When teens share pictures and videos, it leaves an open door for other people to say something about the content that is shared. These comments could be positive or negative and can sometimes lead to arguments on the picture that the teen posted. Some students are using time in school to post content on social media. This is by no means a way that educational time should be spent. It takes parents, teachers and other school officials to make sure that teens are behaving in a proper manner while online or limit access to social media.


July 2, 2017