Students Posting On Social Media

If you’ve seen a teenager lately, then you’ve probably seen some kind of phone or electronic in the hand of that teenager. There are a few things that you might be surprised to learn about teens and social media. Just recently, Harvard rescinded the invitation for 10 students to join the campus because of content that was posted on social media that was deemed inappropriate. Everything from sexual content to images that mocked groups in the minority was displayed. Some parents are surprised at how teens can get by with posting these images while others aren’t surprised at all because parents have no clue as to what is posted on social media.


Memes are a popular way for teens to post how they feel and what they are thinking with friends on social media. Some of the content is tame and often fun to watch. There are also memes that can get teens into a good bit of trouble with either parents or school officials. This is why it’s important for parents to monitor the content that teens share online. When teens share pictures and videos, it leaves an open door for other people to say something about the content that is shared. These comments could be positive or negative and can sometimes lead to arguments on the picture that the teen posted. Some students are using time in school to post content on social media. This is by no means a way that educational time should be spent. It takes parents, teachers and other school officials to make sure that teens are behaving in a proper manner while online or limit access to social media.


July 2, 2017

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