Transforming of the Education Sector by Silicon Valley

While everyone else is complaining about the state of education in America, there are billionaires in Silicon Valley who are dedicating their money and efforts to changing the system. For instance, the chief executive officer of a company called SalesForce, Marc Benioff, is offering innovation grants in the state of California. Each middle school principal is being given $100,000 that is meant to spur innovation and produce future leaders. Other than California, big companies and rich people are also changing the face of American Education. Another example of this initiative is the Netflix initiative by their chief executive officer Reed Hastings. The initiative is geared towards establishing a math-teaching program that will change the perception of the subject from students.


Facebook, through its chief executive officer and founder, Marc Zuckerberg is also trying to change the American education. The social media giant is currently involved with more than 100 schools in America where they are trying to design software that will be used to decide which lessons students want to learn.  A recent article in the New York Times revealed that the money donated by these institutions to schools is being used to influence the lessons and subjects that the students want to study. In a broader aspect, they are helping change the fundamental approach used in many schools.


Many of these companies believe that the change in the American education lies in applying an engineering mindset. Experts say that schools need to try these methodologies owing that automation and artificial intelligence are changing the view of many things. Also, the rate at which these changes are being implemented does not allow for public scrutiny. While these companies may be looking for something in return, the American students who commit to these programs are likely to benefit more.


July 4, 2017

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