Vouchers Helping Students

Some parents may think that any kind of school voucher is a bad thing as it takes money away from taxpayers while others believe that a voucher can help students who come from families who can’t get everything that is needed for even a minimal education. When you talk to a middle school student about the difference between a fact and an opinion, most of them can give you a pretty good definition of each word. A fact is something that you can prove. Some facts don’t need truth behind them as long as the information can be proven.


An opinion is something that can’t be proven and is a statement that someone develops from thoughts and feelings. While facts and opinions are different, one is no less important than the other. The government has given information to the country about events that it claims to be fact when the information can’t always be proven, such as the Bowling Green Massacre.


One of the truths that the government wants people to believe is that President Donald Trump wants to increase the number of vouchers that are given to students to assist in all aspects of their education. Federal money can then be spent on private and charter schools so that they can be a success. The students who attend private schools don’t have the same types of classes as those who attend public schools, and the environment is different. Many want to believe that the vouchers are meant for helping students instead of hurting them, but it could also be a way to get more parents to look into private schools to send more money to the federal government.


July 5, 2017

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